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Wherever the word “I” comes, instead remember the word “BapDada” #8

Transformation_of_Old_Sanskars_8 Mohini_Didi November 8, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone is happy, everyone is okay? So, it’s so wonderful to be in the land of God, Shantivan. The name itself is so beautiful and then this is where, when we came, Dadi Prakashmani said, “We have to make this really peaceful.” For that, one thought she had was that every hour this song plays, called the power of peace ‘shanti ki shakti’. It is with the power of peace, whether it is my personal efforts, or it is for world peace, what is important is the power of peace. I know that when we came to New York, we had some challenges from the outside atmosphere, so we asked Dadi Prakashmani what to do? Dadi said that it is to be peaceful, and whatever other means you have to use to face those challenges or avoid those challenges, it is through the power of peace. So there is no other way. I still remember that, and that was 40 years ago. So, when I came here, I really felt that everything is huge, it is vast. Lots of expansion, even those who live here permanently are more than 2000. Then there are many who come to serve and especially during Baba’s time. We have 2000 extra volunteers for security, for cooking, for all other arrangements.

So, we all have been doing our home work of observing ourselves, and when I observe myself, I know this ‘I’ comes from the backing of powerful sanskars. If we understand the benefits, if we understand the attainments, if I am saying BapDada instead of ‘I’, then when the ‘I’ word comes, I change it to BapDada. Even if you are very intelligent, if you have a lot of understanding of knowledge, you are a good speaker, but still the ‘I’ is limited. Even if you are a good river, but to be a Master Ocean or like Brahmaputra river, where ocean and river meet. Each one of us has our expertise and skills, but ‘I’ is very limited. So, that is why it is very important to be unlimited. Also when I go beyond the awareness of ‘I’, my nature, my sankars, Baba can use me as an instrument for unlimited service. However, if I am in this box of ‘I’, I did this, it was me who did it, it was my idea, any kind of ‘I’ and ‘mine', then Baba is not able to use the instrument for unlimited service because our intellect will not go to the unlimited. These days, there are some souls who say, “Oh, I have a very good understanding of Murli, I know it very well.” So, it’s okay, they start reading their Murli with explanations, interpretations. Then they have big numbers who are listening. I have 20,000 followers or listeners, even as I said, they keep growing, but it is still limited. Our Yagya, our unlimited family, our world family is with me only if I use the word BapDada. The BapDada word is not to glorify me, but the word BapDada is to glorify Baba. My maximum good service might be to connect the soul with God. You can give good understanding, but not power, not liberation, and all attainments will be temporary.

I was so happy to think that in one of the Murlis, Baba said that when you are ascending, climbing then they show on the mountains two engines of the train in the front and the back. So sometimes from the mountain, it starts coming down a little, then the engine from the back supports. So one time Baba said very beautifully that you have two engines, BapDada. So I am using that now when we say Bap and Dada, Shiv Baba and Brahma Baba. Shiv Baba is the One who is Ocean, who is unlimited, the Bestower, and every soul of this world is a child of Shiv Baba. When it comes to Brahma Baba, he is the one who became the instrument for establishment. It is so interesting, the establishment of the new world and when Baba gives knowledge, the Truth, the power of Truth brings transformation in us. So, as soon as we came, there was such a big change in us, a lot of transformation in us. Now what we are taking care of is the traces of that sanskar of body consciousness, what Baba calls ‘I’ and ‘mine’, the ego. So take your intellect first beyond ‘I’ and then have the thought of BapDada. Just think about what you were before gyan, and as soon as you came, everything changed. Our thoughts, our ideas, our reasoning, our lifestyle, our face, everything is different, and we are being sustained by Baba. So, Brahma Baba is not only Brahma Baba but also Vishnu to sustain us and also Shankar in the sense to help us to destroy all the obstacles that come on the way.

So, think a little bit more about what are the attainments, benefits of saying BapDada instead of ‘I’. Even if you are responsible as an instrument or whatever, but when you use the word BapDada, your intellect becomes very free and there is nothing like my sanskars. Actually, it is BapDada’s qualities as the Ocean, those are my sankars. So, you are going beyond limits, you are going beyond boundaries, you are becoming unlimited, becoming a master ocean and definitely a master bestower also. I think it’s a very royal way of transformation, not always thinking negative to positive but ‘I’ to Bapdada and for such souls, BapDada has a lot of respect and love. You know Bapdada, they are so humble and sweet that they say, “Become like me, become like us.” Generally in today’s world, you cannot do that. Even if you try to copy someone, they have copyrights for everything. Even when you wear a dress like someone, they don’t consider it good. They have their own custom made clothes, custom made everything. That means their own. So there is a lot of ‘I’, a lot of body consciousness. You can’t compete in the world with the word ‘I’. So, going beyond the sanskars, I think it is a very beautiful feeling and experience. Of course, when we bring into practice changing ‘I’ into BapDada, there will not only be personal attainments, but you will find how that transformation will make you feel like Baba, equal to Baba.

So, I like this homework. I am sure that the next day when we do this, we all will have a beautiful experience. Actually, one of the examples in front of us of changing ‘I’ to BapDada is Brahma Baba himself. Brahma Baba never used the word 'I', I surrendered, Baba made him surrender, Baba made this Baba surrender. These were Baba’s words. Shiv Baba made this Baba, Brahma Baba surrender. As soon as Baba said the word ‘trustee’ and trustee word cannot have ‘I’. Trustee means trustee. So, if you follow Brahma Baba then it’s not mine, he was able to surrender and the result of his surrender could be seen, the number of children growing, Baba’s homes, centers and very big hearts. We give toli, we give gifts, we give blessings. Brahma Baba was changing from ‘I’ to Shiv Baba. Many times Baba would say that this Baba is not giving knowledge, and sometimes when he is speaking, he says he also knows all the knowledge that ShivBaba has given, but he never uses the word ‘I”. So, I think the same is for each one of us to follow the footsteps of Braham Baba. Baba also is saying in the Murli, Brahma Kumar and Kumari. So, if we are kumars and kumaris of Brahma, we have to be like our Father. So, not only Shiv Baba but also Brahma Baba is an example in front of us. One who was able to change ‘I’ into Baba. These days, Baba has been talking a lot on three important qualities; contentment, cheerfulness, and sweetness. If there is contentment, you will be cheerful, and when you are cheerful, you will be very sweet. If you have all these three qualities, you will constantly not only be progressing, but you will feel ascending all the time.

Om Shanti


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