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Finish the long list of “mine. #02

Treasure_of_Happiness_2                       Mohini_Didi                        May 2, 2024   

Om Shanti!

Happy Satguruvaar to everyone. So, what does Satguru Baba want us to do? You must have heard there was a time we used to send children to Gurukul and they used to say divide the life; 25 years of pure life, then family life, and then renunciation. So, even they show that Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, they all went to Gurukul because in Gurukul what they teach is discipline of life and maryadas of life and how to govern with those principles. They all were prince princesses. So, everything was taught by a Guru. Baba also wants us to follow Baba not only as Father, Teacher, but also as Satguru. So, for us, Thursday, Satguru Baba’s day, is very auspicious because of the omens of Jupiter on us. So, what is their aim? Whatever the Guru teaches them, they have to follow properly and almost become like the Guru. So, Baba today said that it’s not like before we used to say, “What is your aim?” Mukti, Jeevan-Mukti. Today Baba said you will constantly say that I have to be like Baba, and then keep the company of Baba. Then it will become very easy to be like Baba. I like that very much, because we all know company colors. That’s why in life they always say to keep good company, have good company. Our company is not only good, but it is the very highest company of Baba. 

So, it was very beautiful, and Baba gave lots of love. Baba wants us to be very loveful because in today’s world what is missing is true love. I know many souls now saying we really belong just to this family, we just belong to Brahma Kumaris. Where will we go? What else will we do? Most of the people, even if they are living in a family, want to move to places where they could stay near the center or dedicate themselves, surrender themselves, it’s happening more and more. Baba also is giving us Avyakti signals, that is our homework for tomorrow, to finish the list of ‘I and mine’, especially ‘mine’. Those who are mine in the sense of being in relationships, I call it anasakt pyar, in the sense that it's love, but very detached. We have changed now, our relationship is with the soul, our relationship is not with the body. Sometimes I think that all those who are around us, we are together, they all are our spiritual brothers and sisters. We have a lot of love for lokik souls, but there is no attachment because of soul conscious relationships. So, Baba says to finish the list of mine, change them into spiritual, alokik, soul conscious relationships. 

The spiritual flame loves the moths who know how to sing and dance in happiness. Who likes to sing and dance? Everyone. So, Baba says that Baba also loves it because it is lightness. Baba says that we need to finish the long list of mine, my grandchild, my home, my daughter-in-law, etc. forget many others and remember the only One and you will be liberated from labor. Continue to swing in the swing of happiness, because the concerns and what bothers you, worries you, makes you heavy and that’s the list of mine. So, either everyone is mine or no one is mine, only Baba. Baba‘s love is such love that you can make everyone feel that we belong to each other. There is a lot of love.  

Om Shanti

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