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Donate the Treasure of Happiness #1

Treasure_of_Happiness_1                    Mohini_Didi                     May 1, 2024

Om Shanti!

Is everyone happy? Is your treasure store full of happiness? You have to donate happiness, right? This week Baba had been talking about “Call of Time'', but also Baba mentioned that there are devotees who have ‘Eshtadev’ and ‘Eshtadevi’, it is more like a personal God. Many people have Lord Krishna as Eshtdev or one of the saints. When I seek help, I just bring Brahma Baba and I say Baba is my personal deity or personal angel. My relationship with Baba is such that He will listen to my call, and Baba will help me. We know Shiv Baba is there, but still there is always one image which has inspired you, helped you, and is the source of strength for you.   Can I also be that personal God for someone, or goddess? When people call you then we know that we have to help them, so that their obstacles are removed, their sorrow changes into happiness, they get blessings. Of course, it's Baba who does it but you are the medium for them. You are able to respond in a way that that person feels accomplished or knows within the heart that it's going to happen. So each one of you, Baba is asking you,”Are you listening to that call? Are you able to respond to that call?” You are also Eshtadev. Baba is talking about donating happiness. How do we donate happiness? Generally, it happens that there are a lot of people who have a habit of not being content, sulking, getting upset, getting annoyed, and not responding properly. All these sanskars don't allow us to remain happy and content. They have thoughts like, “Why does this always happen to me? Why am I not able to get love from others or praise from others? Why haven't I been able to be settled? You know that all these thoughts of doubts are not good thoughts. 

When I came to New York, for one season I couldn't go  because I had applied for a green card, that was the only time I didn't go. Baba sent a message and said you just sit there like Dadi Janki in London. It took a long time to have regular class, to have everything. Then after some time I went to Guyana, then different countries. What I'm saying is that it is very important to have contentment and just trust God, trust your fortune and just observe what Baba, what wonders Baba is doing. Never lose hope, or be disappointed, whether for yourself or others. It will be good, it will always change, you know nothing remains the same. So, otherwise go to your personal God again and help others. I have had so many experiences responding to people's calls. If anyone comes and says things about others or situations, just give light and might. When you give light and might, that soul will give light and might also, but if we get involved into conversation and listen carefully to what others are doing then you're not giving what should be given. Especially these days, there will be obstacles, problems, and situations. So, just be light and might. 

So, donate the treasure of happiness. We still will explore every day, how do you really donate happiness? Happiness is the greatest treasure of all, so continue to donate this treasure of happiness. Whoever you give happiness to, Baba says that that person will thank you again and again. Therefore, be a great donor, donate the treasure of happiness to someone or other every day. By donating you will experience happiness and contentment in your mind. When we started in New York, people wouldn't come easily. So, every night we thought we would share Murli with two students. It's like all of us start doing, then we said, “Let's do four or five, if they’re not coming.” So then we asked Baba, and Baba said, “You all just keep giving.” So we are donating through thoughts. Always have thoughts of donating happiness, words, relationships, actions. So be the ‘Deity of Happiness’ and donors of Happiness.

Om Shanti 

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