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The key to all treasures is “Baba” #03

Treasure_of_Happiness_3                   Mohini_Didi                  May 3,  2024

Om Shanti! 

Is everyone a deity of happiness, and always happy? Baba has given us the key of happiness and that is the word ‘Baba’. Most of us have experienced that whenever we need help from Baba, instantly it happens somewhere or other. Sometimes you are able to recognize and sometimes not. I was reading or listening to one of Baba’s children. He was sharing an experience that he was going to give a talk somewhere and his flight was a little delayed. Then when he arrived at the airport, the flight landed and there was a strike of the taxis so he went looking for a taxi, but someone approached saying that he could arrange a taxi. So he thought that might be some private taxi anyway, but he took him to the wrong place and had different plans. There were few others who gathered also and he knew that he was in trouble, so he kept saying, “Baba, Baba, Baba.” So the person who was trying to take him, there was some bargain of money happening and he had luggage. He also said that the driver felt that his body was burning. So he starts shouting and saying, “Take out this man!” So anyway they took him out and then put him into an auto to reach the place. So, I was thinking that he was looking for safety, but when you listen to such experiences, you have to believe it because it’s not he was imagining it or he was creating a story, no. It was real, like this there are so many who shared their stories. These are of course when there is a risky time, or there is some kind of insecurity, but even otherwise, the power, the energy, the qualities of Baba, it’s like they are treasures. When I say or think of the word ‘Baba’, I immediately feel I'm surrounded by so many beautiful vibrations of power, love, and peace. Baba says that when you say the word ‘Baba’, you get all the treasures, whatever you need, and it is not even a second, you know they are just present. Maybe that is why people say that God is omnipresent, because it’s so quick, instant. So what we all have to do now is to use the word ‘Baba’. Say ‘Baba’ as often as we need. Baba is saying that when someone receives some treasures or suddenly receives wealth, they become happy. You children have received such wealth that no one can ever snatch it away or loot in front of you. You will remain constantly wealthy for 21 generations. You have received the key to all the treasures and that key is ‘Baba’. As soon as you say ‘Baba’, that treasure store opens, and you become prosperous. So always remain overflowing with happiness. It’s very interesting that happiness is my fortune. So keep reminding yourself. Baba wants us to be constantly happy and donate happiness to everyone.

Om Shanti

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