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To Help Others Means To Accumulate For Yourself #30

Increase Your Account of Accumulation_30 Mohini Didi March 30, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Whatever Baba says, we have to reflect on that, after reflection we will find that there is a different way of doing, or find different meaning. One of the qualities that only God has and we learn, is to always say that you have done more, you are greater than me. Baba always says that I am worshiped only in the incorporeal form, but you are worshiped as incorporeal and also worshiped as a deity. So, even today Baba said that you have more love because you all come from different parts of the world. Even though I live very far away, you still travel from many different places. Of course, Baba mentions America. You know when Baba says that we have to become like Him, we have to listen to Him, we have to observe Him and then we have to learn from Him. We can look at the qualities of others, but only follow Father. I really took that point of always saying that you are greater, you are better, you do more than I do. This gives us courage, the experience of love, and closeness to Baba. Baba was saying that when you are cooperating with others, that your stock is being added. What is that cooperation? Of course, Baba always says to have good wishes for everyone, spiritual love for everyone, and even if it comes to listening, you are available. Whatever help our other co-travelers need, we should be able to give. You all can think about some of the examples of giving cooperation. Sometimes some people find certain transformations difficult because their sanskars emerge. So how do you cooperate? First is not to notice their sanskars because they have to deal with it. So, by not looking at anyone's defects, shortcomings, or mistakes, you remain loveful, peaceful, and your drishti is pure towards everyone. There is this subtle cooperation which is very important. As soon as we look at the weakness of others, then subtly our attitude, our drishti change. We maintain the drishti of spiritual brotherhood.

So, it’s what Baba calls donation of virtues. One is Mansa Seva by maintaining good wishes, pure feelings. The other is the donation of virtues. Like someone has less patience, and you, at that time, use a lot of patience. It is Baba's task. I can't just sit back and see that it’s not being done properly because of lack of some virtues and powers. Become cooperative immediately and use those powers. Like if tolerance is required, courage is required, or enthusiasm is required. It is there, but it needs to be more in percentage, then you should immediately give cooperation of that virtue. Even with a simple example of cooperation between our two hands. You lift something with one hand, you find it heavy, then automatically the other hand will come forward and will help the other hand. For anything, for feet, or anything within the body, the whole system works in a very natural, cooperative way. If you really minutely observe how cooperative all sense organs are, it doesn't happen that one hand goes in one direction, the other hand in another direction. It will automatically help something that one hand has started. If you minutely observe it, you will understand what cooperation is. Even if you look at the elements, the combination of air and water, two elements together. So that means that when there is love, you are cooperative. That is why when people are not full in Gyan, we call them Cooperative Souls. Many give the introduction to their family members. We feel that they're doing so well and so then we ask about other family members, and they are very cooperative, even if they don't come. So, they create fortune there.

So, Baba says that the more you cooperate, the more you will find that the stock is being added, accumulated. So, Baba was saying that the only thought you have to keep is to just give. Always remember that I have to give, I have to give. Giving brings blessings. The stock of blessings is always very useful, very helpful, whether it is ordinary time or in an emergency. What brings cooperation to you is the blessings which you have received. You must have heard many stories where if anyone has helped anyone at the right time, cooperated, that soul, they say even in animal form doesn't stop giving, returning that act of cooperation. I'm not going to share stories but that is what generally happens. So, what Baba is saying is that now is the time to really give and accumulate the stock accordingly. Now the aim should be to accumulate stock. If in the morning you will pay attention and with attention your train will remain on the track. It won't go off track because off-track is like being derailed, and if a train is derailed it can never reach its destination. So, Baba is saying that it is the track of attention. These days Baba talks a lot about not being careless. Attention, in other words, is careful and Baba is calling it today, the track of the rail. Very interesting that if you are cooperating, if you're getting blessings and paying attention, then automatically you find that the speed is good, your accumulation is good, and Baba is saying accumulation brings blessings. So, just ask, “Am I cooperative or do I just watch?” Some people have their hands and feet, their eyes, are all available all the time. Some, they wait and see, am I needed or not? So, they observe and by that time the opportunity is gone. Baba says to be ever ready for anything, be every ready, in other words, be cooperative. So, we're actually finishing today. Tomorrow will be the last point for this month and take a good chance to look at accumulation, the power of elevated thoughts, and today is the power of cooperation.

Om Shanti


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