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The Whole World Is Our Family #27

Elevated_Self_Respect_27 Mohini_Didi June 27, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone is okay, well? Very good. Unlimited and so elevated. Today Baba was giving the blessings of all the powers in the Murli, and if you use them at the right time, they will serve you well. Baba gives all blessings equally to everyone, but you become numberwise in using them. That means that as much as we use them, that much gets accumulated. Baba is saying the awareness or smriti should be that I can do it. Baba has given all the powers but then also, Baba says that the whole world is your family. That means that everyone belongs to me. I have to share that property with everyone. In the beginning of the Yagya there was a lot of defamation. Maybe because of their attachment, whatever the reason, they started saying bad words that were actually very abusive. Baba had committed himself completely to God, so defamation, sacrifice and abuse, didn’t bother him. It’s not that he tolerated, it didn’t bother him. Baba used to say that they are ignorant, they don’t know what they are doing. So, whatever they are doing is because of ignorance. You forgive them. Looking at Brahma Baba and all the ancestor souls, how they all sacrificed, tolerated, confronted, but their faith, their love and commitment to Baba was complete. The important thing is that there was so much intoxication, no body consciousness. So, today Baba is saying to us that even if you also have to face certain situations where there is defamation, maintain your self respect in who you are, in your part. You are the trunk of the tree. All the branches have emerged from the same trunk, so it is your family. Even if you are defamed, abused, or you have to hear abusive language, you should still give respect to them.

Don’t say you're going to challenge them, there is no point in it. Baba did nothing. Whenever there were certain things happening, other Baba’s children from different cities or places wanted to do something to get it to stop. Sometimes you could have lawsuits against people for defaming you, but Baba did nothing. Baba told all the children that you have to forgive them because they are ignorant and they don’t know what they are doing. So this kind of generosity, kindness, and heart only comes when we create the awareness of what Baba is telling us, this is what we are. So it's a very practical thing I think. There is a possibility it could happen to anyone. Even when I came to gyan there was so much defamation of Brahma Kumaris. It was very bad in Old Delhi. On all the walls, there was something written against Brahma Kumaris. So when some of us came, we had to face all that too, but we used to feel safe that we live the life of purity. So it is so important for each one of us to have such a big heart. Baba is saying that all the branches of all the religions really emerge from one trunk. So the world family is my family. Creating this awareness will open our hearts, and we will stay in self respect, as Baba has been saying, your body consciousness will be removed. Not only that, but in soul consciousness, the ego of the body is removed. When there is soul consciousness, you are able to use all the powers, and when there is no ego, nothing hurts you. You know that whatever they are saying is not true for you.

Baba said today to use the right powers at the appropriate time. They have been given to you as blessings. So whichever power is needed,use it, and also remember that a lot could also be accomplished with the power of silence, remembrance of Baba, and the habit of just having good wishes for everyone. So these are certain things we can consistently do, and make it our nature. Baba is saying that if you are in self respect of being ancestors, being the trunk, being roots, being foundation, it will expand your feelings toward everyone, to accept everyone as one family. Golden Age and Silver Age are just one trunk, but after that, one branch, other branches, like branches couldn’t tolerate each other. Even all religions, if they started saying themselves that they are branches of the same tree, they would not fight. Today it is completely different. There is so much conflict, so much confrontation, plotting against each other, blood shed. So, this awareness in us should help others also to create that awareness. If we create that awareness, vibrations of that awareness, our attitude of that awareness will spread that we all are one family, branches of the same tree, and all have to get connected with one Seed. Because a tree can be a very big tree, but it never has two seeds, only one. So that’s how we say, God, Baba is the only Seed. All of Baba’s children especially have connections with the branches. The connection where you receive something as powers and blessings come from the Seed. So don’t get attracted by fruits or branches of the tree. Stay connected with One Eternal Seed, that is God Himself. So, there is a lot when we start practicing, we start reflecting, sharing. We want to do what Baba says in a practical way. Really our awareness, power of awareness, helps us to be in that stage of self respect and respecting everyone.

Om Shanti

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