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The Awareness of Being an Instrument.Being Humble,Having Good Wishes #3

Increase_Account_of_Accumulation_3 Mohini_Didi March 3, 2023

Om Shanti everyone!

This month is the month Baba wants us to accumulate the treasures in so many different ways. We know through thoughts, words and actions. Today Baba is talking about feelings. Because of body consciousness we are sensitive to everything. Being sensitive, sometimes our inner feelings are not very stable. What Baba says is we are at service and when we are at service we need to have our feelings full of not only purity, but many qualities. Baba said the golden key for accumulation is to have our inner feelings filled with so many things, then real service will happen and many souls will be touched. One is to do it through actions, our duties and responsibilities.

First Baba is saying, you are just an instrument and it is not that I decided, Baba gave you some seva. I need to think, “I am an instrument”. Subtly, either ego or lack of self respect are the two main causes of forgetting that if I am an instrument I need to be humble. That is the quality which really attracts people, that you are all so humble. First is the feeling of an instrument. Maintain this awareness to maintain these feelings. It is Babs' power, Baba's love, that helps us to continue in our service. This feeling of an instrument is one thing, but in Hindi, it's a very beautiful word and that is nimit, which really means that you have been given an assignment and you must perform it with dignity, with love and self respect. There is nothing “I and mine” in that. “I did it, I do it, I want to do it”, all these thoughts don't come. Reflect on what will really, truly be the feelings of being an instrument.

Secondly, Baba is saying, the feelings have to be very humble. Brahma Baba had such a big personality in both ways, in lokik and spiritually, he was the highest personality. Baba was so humble, so respectful with everyone, whether they were children, mothers, sisters or brothers. That is why at the end of Murli, he would always say salutations or namaste. Namaste really means, I bow to you. Anyone who came, even lokik people, were surprised that such a big personality was there with so much humility. Baba always saw himself as the instrument. Even a little bit of ego, “I, mine, this, that”, that's not true service. A lot of people are affected by this. It's very important that we should have this feeling that I am an instrument soul so I should be humble, and with that being humble you will always have very pure feelings, good feelings, auspicious feelings towards everyone. The vibrations of our feelings of pure love, of respect, of donating the virtues are very important.

Then Baba says, the feelings of soul conscious love. Every soul has eternal and original qualities. Sometimes we pick up the old sanskars and we start reacting or responding based on old sanskars. Baba said no, what children should have is soul conscious love. Every soul is loveful, peaceful and blissful, but as I said, the old sanskars emerge very quickly. They emerge because we don't practice enough. We don't create and emerge our eternals sanskars or original sanskars of being a deity. Because we don't practice, then naturally, old sanskars are strong and just emerge. This practice is important and then the change will happen. Your nature will be more of original soul conscious love. Baba is saying that if your stage is based on these feelings then you can fulfill the feelings of what they really want to experience. All of us are at the service of God, which is what everyone expects from us. If someone who comes wants to experience God's love, they expect that from us. If we are not able to respond with those feelings, we are not serving.

All these four qualities are very important for two reasons. One is to accumulate, otherwise we do something good and earn and then we do something which is not right, so it will not accumulate. Plus and minus, plus and minus. If we want to accumulate plus plus, we have to make sure that we practice enough and use practically, then I can accumulate. These days in universities also, every three months they have examinations. Then they calculate all the results. We have to look at not only every three months, not only for a day, but every hour. Sometimes within one hour we gain and lose. The stability of your stage and consistency, based on that ascending or accumulation may not be much. Fluctuation, as Baba says going up and down is very deeply connected with how I am in soul conscious love. What's the percentage of my humility? How constant are my feelings benevolent, loveful, pure or auspicious? All these four points I think we had been doing, but each one of us has to see how consistent, how stable we are. Maya comes in a very subtle way to check.

I always remember when somebody would go to Dadi Gulzar and talk about someone's sanskar, Dadi gulzar would say if you didn't have that sanskar, you wouldn't react. It is not someone else's sanskar, but it's your own sanskar. There’s the example of anger, “I got angry because you said it, because you did it, you were like that”. You are not using my sanskar, you are using your own sanskar. As soon as you realize then you have to use power to face, power to tolerate, power to adjust. You have to use all the powers. As much as we use the powers, the first thing is our nature will change. Secondly, that will help other souls as well. If someone notices you are more loveful, you're more tolerant naturally, you're donating a virtue. That will help other souls and that is the true service. It is interesting homework, see that's why we get the point, right! Pay attention, practice, do your homework, so that you find that there is a change which is not temporary, change which is consistent. You have to adjust, look inside. “Why did I do it, why did I respond, what's the sanskar there?”, then, transform it. So practice, come in practical, and bring transformation.

Om Shanti!


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