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To be loving and then become detached #22

Harmonizing_Sanskars_22                     Mohini_Didi                     April 22, 2024

Om Shanti!

If you are loving and not detached, there will be a lot of suffering, a lot of sorrow. So, just be loving and then detach also. Whatever Baba says, when we start practicing, then we realize what is the accurate or right method. Like since I've heard about earning income, just by using one point or one zero, and I had been saying, “In what way can I practice this?” Let's say when I'm using the point of soul consciousness, just look at everyone as a soul, and see how a lot of wasteful thoughts could arise if I don't see that one as a soul. So, I look at the soul, a point, and everyone’s part is Drama. Baba, you are the one who will give me power. Then remembering Baba; what time and what way, and then what we attain. Baba is saying that you keep the whole day, just think as much as necessary. It's not that you don't think, because we have to think, but unnecessary thinking, excessive thinking, definitely is wasting a lot of energy of the mind, or could be words also. If we want to save energy, remain powerful and always have elevated thoughts, because stopping has a very big value in life. Stop it, and you don't need to think further. So, you should keep practicing that, now this will make you lovely and detached. You're not unnecessarily thinking. Then we should always remember how God’s relationship started with me. Is Baba detached first or lovely? Baba was very lovely all the time, whether he was in Brahma baba or Avyakt Bapdada. These things are not learned just by listening, but we just remember immediately, how Baba started with me. There is so much love of Baba. We saw this with the Dadis. Dadi Janki came here, she gave so much, and she used to keep giving. When it was time to go, she wouldn't even turn around, goodbye. She always used to say, “Wherever I am and as long as I am, I belong to that place, and once it's time to go, now ‘next’.” So it's a very beautiful practice. 

Baba is saying to be loving and then become detached. To step away when you see someone's nature and sanskars is also a trace of dislike or anger. When people are angry, they don't look at you. The royal words for this are that it is better to keep away than to spoil my stage, however, to become detached is one thing and to step away is something else. So leaving and then becoming detached is right, but when there is dislike in a subtle way, such as this one is like this and will never change, never changes, Baba says that you are then cursing them in a subtle way. Remain safe but don't give someone a final certificate in this way, to say that this one will never change. It's like a final certificate, everyone changes with the time. Some change with love, some with circumstances, some realizations come, sometimes circumstances force them to change. There are many habits or many things, sanskars, but we should say that everyone changes with the time. So, I'm not expecting the changes just in a day, but I know that it's going to happen. 

Deep within, every soul wants to progress, wants to be elevated, wants to be perfect. I also like when Baba said, you should see your own perfection. There's something interesting, perfection is, in other words, 100% quality. I have patience, I kept patience, but after some time, I lost patience and said that I can't do anymore. I am not perfect, but if I continue until the end, and maintain that patience, then I will reveal Baba and also see my stage of perfection. If there is any weakness or any vice, even anger, or even if you are loving, loving, and then finally you give up, right? You can't tolerate anymore. So, this is how Drama, scenes of Drama, different souls accurately play their parts, where you can see your stage of perfection. If I say that this one shouldn't do that, how will I know my power? How will I know how I am able to play the part? So, souls will play their parts and Drama is actually helping me to look at my complete stage. Did I stay perfect or not? So, in this way, at least you can love everyone, and also you can be very detached. Every scene of Drama is a learning, making us strong or perfect anyway. It's very beautiful to see myself detached or aside. This is a good point for churning, inculcation, and becoming embodiment.

Om Shanti 

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