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Sweetness in your words #21

Harmonising_Sanskars_21                    Mohini_Didi                  April 21, 2024

Om Shanti!

I think sweetness should be our nature, whether we smile, speak, or interact. Our words especially need to be very much about creating a bond, creating peace and love amongst all of us, not getting divided because of any reason, no conflict, just harmonising of sanskars. I think you all must be aware that Avyakt Murli which is read on Sunday is revised the whole week. We take a little part of it every evening so that we get it revised. Like this morning's Murli, the revision is about the three lines of fortune. Sustenance is the main part, in the sense that Brahma creates and Vishnu sustains; it is symbolic. Everything is within the picture of Vishnu. Holiness, highness, two crowns, light and jewels, and that is called holiness, highness and also divine form, sweetness. That is why when we come to Baba, we are given the aim and objective to become like Vishnu. We look at the life of anyone, we can come to know what kind of sustenance they must have received from parents, from elders at home, it clearly shows. We are also sustained through the studies. Like I feel that I was sustained by the Dadis, with the teachings, not by scolding, not by checking on us, but by setting an example for us. They showed us how to do everything, how to be together, and what our daily routine should be. Sustenance is also visible through attainments, and not just material, what I get from my family. No. It’s the values, it's the principles, discipline, nature, all that is visible through sustenance. My fortune was to get sustenance with Brahma Baba, with Dadis, with Mamma, how polite, respectful, gentle and sweet Brahma Baba was. He never got upset. Why get upset about someone else's action? You are losing. It's not that by getting upset, you can set something, no. Sometimes we feel that by getting upset, things will be better or learned, but if you want things to be better, set everything with sweetness. 

So we are God's children, we are children of Brahma Baba and Mamma. So I like very much about when Baba talks of sustenance, study and attainment, and all three are really connected. You are what you are, even when we come to Baba, Baba notices our behaviour, our nature. Baba noticed that some are very rough and some are more gentle and royal. Our royality is visible through our sustenance. So it's a beautiful Murli. Whatever we remember, we become embodiments of that, and that is important. Baba is saying that one of the qualities that is very important to harmonise sanskars is ‘sweetness’. The harmonising of sanskars only takes place after there is sweetness within. Try to forget things that are not good, don't keep thinking and talking about it. So that sweetness can stay, it is only because of the variety of sanskars that you become distant from one another. However, when there is sweetness in your words, the dance of harmony begins to take place. Baba says that when the conference of the harmonising of sanskars takes place, there will be cries of victory. I called it the voice of victory, the words of victory. So now Baba is clearly saying that this is what will glorify Baba. We can do conferences, we can keep doing service, these are the ways to give the message to everyone. We need to give but for them to look at how we do things, our sweetness, our interaction with others, it impacts them. 

In the beginning, when we started Harmony House, there were many different cultures, Jews and all religions around. So one of the mothers used to come. I think she was in her 60s or 70s. So when she would go home, she would clean the kitchen counters. Then one time her husband was a known person in this area, he came to visit Harmony House. He said, “I wanted to come and see, why when my wife returns home, she starts cleaning, and now I know because your place is so clean. So she just goes home and she feels she has to clean.” That means when we are an embodiment, we see something practical and it naturally inspires others to do it. Generally, people think they need to clean twice a week or once in a week but there is some kind of feeling and the vibrations and the atmosphere when you clean properly, and clean every day. So cleaning is not when there is dust or you see something dirty. There is one brother, I always tell him about cleaning. He said my room is always clean, but how can it be clean without cleaning right? That is why I like in India when twice a day, twice a day they clean, they just clean like sweep and mop and then they come in the afternoon where they dust everything. So I think that anything we do practically is an inspiration for others to do. You have to speak sweetly and then others will respond the same way. So changes you can see immediately as Baba is saying sweetness in words, appropriate words. You are not just saying it, but you are putting something in others. We have to be very sweet, respectful, and gentle in our words.

Om Shanti 

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