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Flowers of love #20

Harmonizing_Sanskars_20              Mohini_Didi            April 20, 2024

Om Shanti Everyone! 

Each one is a flower of love, and as soon as we look at flowers, love emerges. Nobody would like to throw away flowers, but they make it an offering. So, it is so beautiful to become the flower of love. Last time, I think it was January 18th. As you know, they decorate the whole place with flowers. They started decorating the tower of silence and a few places, but everyday more flowers came. It was interesting to see that when there is love, you just want to grow flowers and offer flowers. Baba also sometimes says to children, “You are my living flowers.” So when there is love in the heart for Baba, you are like flowers, and when there is no love, your nature is like a thorn. A thorn pricks, but the flower brings lots of joy and happiness. Each one of us has to remind ourselves that we are flowers of love. Baba always says that Kaliyug, the Iron Age, is the forest of thorns, and the Golden Age is the garden of flowers. He has come to change us from thorns to flowers. Internally, we also feel day by day that we have more and more love. We are receiving from Baba and also we are able to share with others. It is only when you receive love that you can share love, and each one of us internally feels that I am being loved. Sometimes people find it hard to love, there is a blockage where you’re not feeling that you are being loved. You always feel that you are being rejected or neglected or whatever it is. So as much as we become pure, clean and humble, we are open to receiving love. Just as blood flow is important to an organ to function. Similarly, it is the same I feel with the energy of love. Sometimes, you don’t feel it in your heart. Sometimes you don’t feel when you are being served, or given food with love. Baba tells the children to study to make you into world emperors, and each one of us in a way are the masters of the world. It is a very unlimited family of the Brahma Kumaris, and there is love, like the world loves you. We have our love for the family, and their love for me. I realize so much and it is so profound, the love of the family. With everyone, there is so much love. Those who are going to become world emperors, will become loving to all. Just as the Father is loving to all, and everyone loves Him, in the same way, let love shower from each one for all souls. Baba says that when flowers of love are showered here, then flowers will also be showered on the non-living images. Therefore, Baba says that the aim is to become worthy of being showered with flowers of love from everyone. You will receive love by giving your cooperation. It's a very rare kind of love, not just emotional feelings, but it’s real. You share when a mishap happens, you share your sympathy, you share whatever way you can. It’s not when everything is okay, then you cooperate, but whenever there is a need, you really reach at the time of need. To love from the heart it’s like touching comes that someone needs just a call maybe. It’s not that you are sending money, it’s just a call, but it can give what the soul needs. I feel that is why when a thought comes to call someone, just call. That’s what I do, I just call. So, it’s like in the heart, that there is someone caring for me. That is why there is this tradition in Brahmin life that if we don’t see anyone for any reason, maybe you can just call. So, it is an unlimited family, unlimited sharing and giving, offering of flowers all the time. So, just remember to offer each other the flower of love. 

Om Shanti

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