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Speak Accurate Words #29

Increase_Account_of_Accumularion_29 Mohini_Didi March 29,2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

It is an amazing feeling to see everyone, wherever you are. So, whatever happens according to the Drama is beneficial. We had COVID, then we had Zoom, and now we continue. We wouldn't have met a single day every day of the year, and more and more Baba’s children want to continue this. Within ourselves,we are changing from tamo to rajo to sato to satoprandhan. As much as our energy is becoming pure within ourselves, our perception, our outlook, our drishti, everything will be like that of the Golden Age. There will always be joy, purity, love, peace. That's what Baba is saying, that you don't have to question what's in the future. Everyone's future is within the self. How much have you accumulated? How pure are you? How much accumulation do you have? Baba is talking a lot about thoughts. Look deeply inside. Do you have waste thoughts? You don't have ordinary thoughts, you don't have negative thoughts. That means you are coming closer to the Golden age. Someone was asking when we will see the needle on the other side of the clock, past 12. Until now we see the needle just a few seconds before 12. It's not that we have to look at the clock. We have to look at ourselves. Even in an ordinary way, why do you look at the clock? Is it to see if I am ready. Am I ready for the Golden age?

What Baba was saying was that there is no question of what is in the future. We all know that after amritvela, there will be morning and in this way, the clock and the day will move on. So, in a subtle way, you are looking at your own self, and then you look at the clock then to yourself. Almost only three minutes left. Am I ready? The clock is ready, time is ready. Today, Baba is drawing our attention. We want our words to have power. So, Baba gives the example of sharpness of words, that means the knowledge that you speak also has power. Knowledge that you speak gives the experience to others to have power. So, you have to stop having ordinary words, not only negative or wasteful, but even speaking ordinary words will not allow you to have power in your words. If you say things and the words are not good words, others won't believe you or trust you. We have to be very careful of what we say. Don’t repeat what others say if it is not good. Everyone has their own Karma. If you say something, speak wisely and nicely. It will be my karma, but we forget and then we negatively respond, sometimes the same, sometimes even stronger. Baba says that these days we cannot say who is right or who is wrong. Either both are right or both are wrong. So, we shouldn't reach that level. Baba says that because you all have ordinary words you speak in an ordinary way, the sound of Baba, the sound of glorification is being delayed.

Words create an atmosphere within a few minutes and everything becomes so tense, so heavy, also peaceless. Our words should be like Baba's words. They should be like the words of the angels, like Brahma Baba spoke. He spoke little, but whatever he spoke were blessings. First knowledge was shrimat, what else did he have to speak? Whenever he had to give corrections to children, he did it in Murli. He said everything in Murli but not during the day. Whatever we say, Baba is saying they should be words of angel that means to speak less and speak sweetly. When we came in gyan, our dictionary changed. The words that we spoke, and even now, the language of Brahmins is not ordinary. Even the relationship could be sisters or brother-sisters is such that we cannot say words or talk strongly. Baba is saying to use less words, and sweet words. So, Baba says that all our words should be accurate, according to maryadas. Yes, we have to speak, to do our activities, to do our tasks, but don't speak long or say things that are not good. Even for your own self. Sometimes we reject our own self, this lack of self-respect. If someone gives corrections, it is simple to say, “Yes I will pay attention. I will be a little more careful.” However, we don't accept, we reject, and then rejection is not because, of course, someone said it, but then you say things to yourself which are in the mode of disappointment, discouragement.

Always think about yourself the way Baba thinks of you, how Baba looks at us, His children. So, Baba says that now is the time to accumulate power. As much as you accumulate power, there will be sharpness in your sword. If we use power to discern, then there is realization too. You can say things in short and with sweetness is what Baba is saying. Our character, our relationships, everything is based on words. I notice that this soul is very strong in saying anything. I speak very nicely with that person and they become friends with you. They will help you. They will support you. You never question their behavior or the activity, but you appreciate them. Anyone who is very critical, showing a lot of power, you have to make them your friends, right? Somewhere internally we can't accept, so we reject, then we say something, then the relationships are not near ones. It's only when my relationship is of love and respect with everyone. We are very careful not to say in front of others, but we say it behind them. The vibrations are there. Since we belong to Baba, one of the important qualities is spiritual love and our interaction with each other is also very spiritual. Spiritual love, respect, and cooperation are three important qualities. It’s Baba’s task. Whatever I am doing, it’s Baba's duty. I'm doing it for Baba. Baba has given me this duty. So this way, we are remembering Baba and every step is good, if you have the realization and bring change.

It’s the last day of the month, one more day tomorrow. We had been talking the whole month about accumulation in the account of elevated thoughts, words, and actions. Sometimes our low self, not high self, emerges. Baba said that a conflict means obstacle. So, we should have no clash, no sanskar, no conflict. It's all right to let everyone be what one is. Let me be what I am. If you always react to others, you forget you even don't know who I am, right? So each one of us keeps to our eternal original nature. Everyone has to reach the destination. So, accumulate in the account of charity,and especially pay attention to our words.

Om Shanti

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