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Silent sound of the Soul - God Resides In My Heart #10

Silent_Sound_of_the_Soul_10 Mohini_Didi March 10, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Good morning from here in Shantivan. Just imagine what is happening here. Dadi Gulzar’s day! So, I was mentioning that Shantivan is really full with Baba's BK family arriving every day, even this morning, people were coming. I’m happy you all could also be part of today's celebration. Whatever the soul does and reaches to a stage, that much love and attraction is there. It's not for any soul or every soul that so many Baba's children will come. Dadi Gulzar's role was very special. She was special as Dadi Gulzar. Then she was special as a chariot of Baba. So, each one of us, we have to take this inspiration and with determination, as God has given us this birth, become maximum and do maximum. Don't just be very satisfied by listening to murli and living pure. That's not really praise worthy. Do something special. All the time think, “What can I do for Baba? What can I do for the Yagya? What can I do for myself to become perfect?” If this thought is there constantly, you all know that Baba listens, and Baba will fulfill that thought. If you sit quietly, “I am serving, I have lokiks, I have grandchildren.” For this auspicious birth, to spend time like this, all the resources of thoughts, words, actions and only doing that? It's like a real golden chance or the lottery is not being used properly. So, you don't have to say it, but just have the pure thought that I want to be an instrument for Baba. Receiving is very easy. All the service Baba gave, even on Zoom. In whatever way, all the time we take sustenance from Baba, but then what do we do with that sustenance?

It’s not just keeping to this normal routine that one will become perfect, it's only when we become instruments of Baba. Obstacles come, obstacles will always come, but your status becomes higher if you cross past those obstacles. If I say that I can't do this because of this, I cannot come to seva because all the time there are little or big excuses, there might be a reason, but it's really just an excuse, because you can definitely arrange something. All of us, even I would have been sitting at home, but there was this whole determination that if Baba has given me this life, I cannot just use it in an ordinary way. Each one of you, even mothers today, whatever you are is because of Baba. What am I doing for Baba? How am I using my life? I will say this whether you are a householder, or you are at a center, wherever you are. Today is the day to look at what God has given me. Am I fulfilling Baba's hopes, Baba's desires? Everyone can do something, but we have become so comfortable and then we say that I can't because of them. So, that's what my feelings are for this morning, seated on Baba's heart throne.

Yesterday, the whole day was for you becoming Bapsaman. I explained very clearly that each one can become like Baba. So, when you are like Baba, then you are seated in Baba's heart. There are two things, one is love, and the other is attachment. Even if I say that I don't have attachment, but if I have souls in the heart, whether it is from fear or duty, it's not Baba. Actually, who should be in my heart? Baba. How many of you agree with me? You might say that yes, it's only Baba. Are you only serving Baba for the whole day, 24 hours, or you are serving souls? You will say that I have to serve souls, not because of any bondage. Baba used to tell us when we came to knowledge, that even if you have to hire someone to take care of the household or children, you should do it and just do service. It's only those who have recognition of God, those who have been given sustenance from God, who can serve God, but anyone can do it. So, the stage of perfection is becoming the embodiment of awareness, and conqueror of attachment. Moving forward, everyone has to look at one's own chart. What am I? Where am I spending my time, energy, money and resources? I remember when we came to the USA, we called Baba's box a bandari. We cannot say donation, because God doesn't need donations from us. Then they said that maybe we should write ‘contribution’, it's still royal. Baba used to say, “I have enough children who can take care of the Yagya. You don't have to depend on who puts 10 dollars or 20 dollars as if they are giving to God. They're not giving to God, it's God who gives to us.”

So, Dadi Gulzar’s life is really an inspiration for us. Do you want to become a praiseworthy child? Who wants to become praiseworthy? When is praise sung? It's only when you have done something very special, or there were a lot of bondages and still you did it, there were a lot of difficulties and still you did it. Whatever I can do, I do it. Baba is in my heart, and every Baba's child says that I have only Baba in my heart. So, today you have to look within and see if only Baba is in my heart. So yes, I want Baba in my heart. They give the example of Hanuman. Someone asked him, “Where is God?” He opened his chest and showed that Rama is in his heart. If you say there's a little bit of fear of the bondage, but I have to say that everyone around you should say that you should go and do service. To say, “No, stay with me, serve me, I need you'' is a lack of recognition of your value of BK life. So, maybe you cannot say or do it, but talk to Baba and doors will be open, and everyone will say, “Do Baba's service. Service is important.”

So, I am seeing today the feelings for offering bhog, feeling the presence of Dadi and a very beautiful memorial has been created. The number is 20,000 plus, those who have come for a day with all the restrictions. There would have been hundreds of thousands. I think they are present on Zoom or they will be watching. So, at least I am very inspired to see the life God has given me, how I am using it, and how I should spend thoughts, words, and actions. So, I have a lot of feelings, respect, and emotions for today, and I want to follow the example of Dadi Gulzar. She was consistent, serving all the time because of faith in victory, lightness, no bondage, no difficulty, no obstacles, just lightness. So, maintaining that love and lightness, we spend whatever few years there are, we don't know these days what could happen to anyone. I want to become perfect before I leave the body. So, keep Baba in your heart, talk to Baba, receive from Baba, and have determination to share with everyone. So, let us all remember Baba and keep the example of Dadi Gulzar in front of you. So many years she served even though her body was not well. So, let us offer ourselves to Baba as an instrument and let Him use us to the maximum. So, let’s remember Baba now. Have an excellent day today. Every moment charged with love. Every moment charged with enthusiasm and power. Lots of love from here.

Om Shanti


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