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Silent sound of the Soul - From Waste to Best #8

Silent_Sound_of_the_Soul_8 Mohini_Didi March 8, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Yes, it's lovely to see each one of you. You all look great, and everyone looks happy and free from problems. Like they have no smoking zones and no parking zones, we should also have a label of no problem. That’s true because there will be different scenes of Drama. Some scenes will be surprisingly very good, in some there will be a little settling, and some will be challenging because we have to grow spiritually, and to grow spiritually, you need certain challenges. Where do I test my powers or stage? It’s only when situations come that I know if I was stable, or shaking, a little bit scared, or insecure. We cannot stop the Drama. If you say, “Why is it happening?” It had to happen, so fly! Dadi Gulzar and also Avyakt BapDada through Dadi Gulzar, gave us these little, very short slogans. So we experiment with them, and then we come to know what more is required, more practice. So, internally you have to not only be stable, but also cheerful, because you know that success and victory are with us. Just keep reminding yourself, success and victory are my birthright! That is how Brahma Baba was, very cheerful, because he knew that everything will be successful. I will be victorious. So, we also have to keep that in our awareness. This thought has to continue. It’s not that one day I practice and then the next day I do something else. Create a link inside that when you did one, what was the benefit? Then continue with the second one, and that is how I connect that our homework for now will be to be a detached observer.

So, being a detached observer is a practice, and the attainment from that practice is no waste but all the time the best, or waste to best. I will know where I should get mentally or verbally involved, or where I should just stay as a detached observer. Sometimes if we are not attentive, we get our mind and intellect unnecessarily into many happenings and then we realize, “Why did I get into all these?” The mind very quickly starts getting connected. I have this experience that mind and intellect get into everything. Then I say, “But why do I need to be in it? I can use my thoughts somewhere else, why am I getting involved there?” There are some who might be always saying something or another for another person, but those who know that I have to be best, will just detach and observe. Then I can engage whenever it is necessary, whether it is my interpretation or help to decide something, this quality remains only if I am a detached observer. Every day I notice that as much as I can observe the silence, or even to speak less, softly and gently, that means I am able to save a lot of energy. If you have been in silence, then when you speak or think, the quality will be the best. If one keeps talking, then gradually, you don’t know what you are talking about, the quality goes. When we talk about Dadi Gulzar, the one example we always give is to be silently listening, and of course you must be a detached observer. Otherwise, you can’t just listen. You will immediately want to say something. As soon as you find someone is sharing an idea and the idea comes in your head, you will want to share that. So, Dadi must have been getting ideas too, but she stayed silent. Then in the end, the conclusion that she had to give was very much appreciated. With this silence, her thinking was the best. That is why everyone would ask her.

So, when it comes to thoughts, attitude, awareness, words, actions, relationships, everything is the best. Instead of saying, “I don’t have any bad relationships with anyone.” The aim is to say,” I have the best relationship with everyone.” When it is the best relationship, there is trust in each other, friendliness, cooperation, and you are available for each other. So, all that would be called very good qualities. So, silence and also being a detached observer will help us to do the best. So, what will we be practicing? To be the best, think less, then you will talk less. If you think a lot and you are talking less, then internally you will feel confusion. If you are thinking less, then it will be so normal to speak less, to speak sweetly and gently. This inner contentment comes when we are able to do everything in the best way, even when we have to spend money. You buy something and you find that with a small amount of money, you are able to get quality things. Sometimes you do feel you were very lucky while shopping. So, the same is in our lives. What I received, I was very lucky. Actually each one of us, if we look at our fortune, we get the best. We need the quality of contentment, and for contentment, look at your fortune. Baba wants us to have a good status in the Golden Age, for use of powers and virtues. Baba always says, “Yes, everyone will go, but to have a high status in the Golden Age, you have to make extra efforts.” Detached observer is that I don’t have to think many things, just be detached, listen as detached, speak as detached, see as detached. So, it’s a very beautiful practice that we all will do.

In Shantivan, a big crowd is coming. Every day you see, 4000, 2000 and the beautiful Avyakt Lok, Dadi Gulzar’s memorial, is being created. It is so beautiful, even though it is not complete yet. There will be an inauguration the day after tomorrow, on the 11th. I am sure you all will be able to see it. Every time we pass there, we feel the energy. We were also able to visit Dadi Gulzar’s cottage and Dadi Janki's cottage, to get blessings from them. So, it’s a completely different world. We never see thousands of people, and now they are all over, there are people. The weather is still very pleasant in Shantivan. The double foreigners are in Gyan Sarovar, not too many, and they are still arriving. They are enjoying their silence also, there are not too many classes. So, it’s very lovely, they have a Bharatvasi’s bhatti in Pandav Bhavan, a lot of classes, and a lot of sharing of experiences. So, I want to share a little bit with all of you, and I want to have a few minutes of silence together. We don’t get to share the drishti, so we can do that now. Om Shanti everyone, and keep giving love and sakaash. Not only to the souls in one country, but all over the world.

Om Shanti

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