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Silent sound of the Soul - Copy God - Become Bapsaman #9

Silent_Sound_of_the_Soul_9 Mohini Didi March 9, 2022

Om Shanti everyone!

Yes, lovely to see each one of you! It’s really a small world of Baba's children. Wherever we are, we can meet every day and share our thoughts and feelings. Today, Baba spoke about pure feelings and the world that is created through pure feelings. Shantivan is beautiful, large crowds are coming for Dadi Gulzar’s day tomorrow. Alok dam is getting ready, very big and beautiful. They say as soon as you enter, you can feel Avyakt energy, the Avyakt stage. When we come to know the importance of thought, the vibrations of thought, the importance of our feelings, Baba uses the word ‘bhavna’, then we pay attention. Also, in a natural way, we want to use our thoughts and feelings, not only to be pure and benevolent, but to create whatever quality we want others to experience from us. So, changing from “waste to best”and to “be detached observers” was our practice. We have to observe every scene of Drama, every situation that comes, so that we can learn how to take care of those situations, and how to use our inner powers. As we heard two or three days ago, we don't see it as a problem, but part of learning, so that we know what we have to do, and also maintain our pure feelings for everyone.

It should be really very natural to copy or be “Bapsaman”, because when it comes to becoming like Shiv Baba, Incorporeal Baba, as soon as I understand that I am soul, I am also incorporeal. All the qualities and powers that Baba has eternally, are in each soul, only the percentage is different. Purity has degrees. Every soul becomes pure, but the degrees are different. I had a feeling and realisation as soon as I received Baba’s introduction, and even before, I always used to feel that my roots are in God. So, I have the same natural innate qualities of God in me, only from 16 degrees they have become very low degrees. Now, gradually the degrees, the percentage, are increasing. Baba is the One who is ever pure, and as a soul, I am also ever pure, but then in the cycle of birth and death, getting into percentage of body consciousness, gradually my quality of pure degrees declines. Now we can say that we are pure compared to life before at least. We have given our five vices that were very deeply rooted in sanskars. Now anger, greed, attachment, and lust are gone. Whatever traces are left, that's what we need effort for, cleanliness. Purity is there, but now you have to keep cleaning, and the cleaning never ends.

Baba is the Ocean of Knowledge and He is giving us knowledge so we are also becoming knowledgeful, master oceans of knowledge. There is a very well known comment for Brahma Kumaris that while speaking, they don't use notes. Every good speaker will look at notes, but not BKs. This is because knowledge is merged in us, in a very natural way, there is understanding in us. I don't have to use notes for that. When it comes to being a master ocean of peace, how deeply in each one of us, we are peaceful. Once in a while, some get tense or disturbed or upset, but by nature, all Baba's children are peaceful. When it comes to being loveful, Brahma Kumaris are also known for their love, it is a natural love for all souls.

So, Shiv Baba through Brahma Baba showed us how we can become like Baba. The life of Brahma Baba helps us to copy, and Brahma Baba is like a copy of Shiv Baba. For us to become a copy of Baba, mostly it is just the scenes of Drama, karmic accounts, sanskars, all these various things could become difficulties, challenges, or obstacles. As much as we go above, be detached, and keep connection with Baba, our inner spiritual journey continues, we study properly, maintain all that we need to maintain. If you do all of that, then it should be very natural to be a copy, to be Bapsaman. Yes, it's an elevated effort, it's the highest destination, but who is helping us? Who is guiding us? Baba has given us permission to say that Baba is Almighty, and you are master almighty. Baba has given permission, plus He helps us to create that awareness. It is amazing! It's only that we forget, but Baba has said that not only awareness, but even in our thoughts, we have to repeat, “I am master almighty”. Then your mind will become powerful, because the new world is the world of gods and goddesses, goddess Lakshmi and god Narayan. Everyone is called god or goddesses because it is at the Confluence Age that we become Godly, Godly children, Godly students, and we claim God's inheritance. Then we play a part in the Golden Age, because Baba creates the deity world, the divine world. Baba always said that deities are human beings, but human beings with divine virtues.

So, at the Confluence Age we are becoming that, and I feel that it is very natural to be like Baba. We receive love, purity, and knowledge from Baba. It is not that I’m emerging from my own self, but I’m receiving then I’m making effort and becoming an embodiment. Everything is merged, but I have to be the embodiment, that means I have to use everything I have received from Baba in practical life. The more we do that, then in a very natural way, we become a copy of Baba, Bapsaman. Another aspect could be to look at each other in that divine way. All over the world, they are souls, souls like me, and within our BK family, Baba’s children, we say each one is divine. So, I look at everyone as a divine soul.

For Dadi Gulzar tomorrow, the whole day, they have a “Day of Divinity”. Looking at Dadi Gulzar, you experience divinity and your own divinity emerges. You also feel very close to Baba. So, reflect on these thoughts. I’m sure you will find it easy and natural. If you have the thought that it's a very high destination, and I don't think I can make it, no, you are children of God, so to be Godly is inherent in you. My feelings are always like this, but as I said, we have to now put it into practical life. So, for a few seconds, we will connect with God in such a way that we experience that Godliness and Divinity. Om Shanti everyone! Om Shanti! Good night there, good morning hours here, good night!

Om Shanti


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