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Respect And Continue to Give Regard to Everyone #28

Elevated_Self_Respect_28 Mohini_Didi June 28, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone is okay? Very good! Everything Baba says is so elevated. We look at how Brahma Baba began his spiritual journey. He was a householder, he was in business and a social person, like anyone else. As soon as Shiv Baba revealed to him that he had to be the instrument, he surrendered. It took time, then he formed a trust of eight kumaris and all his property, everything, he put in that trust for these sisters to administer. They were young ones but later became the Dadis. They sustained all of us because of the part they played in a very beautiful way, as a trustee. We cannot say that Brahma Baba had a lot of devotion, a lot of bhakti. He did not know about the pilgrimage of remembrance or about understanding all relationships with Baba. Everything was new but he adopted everything, and by adopting, he created that awareness of the Yagya. Today, Baba said very beautifully that awareness should be consistent. For example, you don’t forget your name or profession. It's very natural in our awareness all the time. In the same way, Baba says that whatever parts you have to play, remember what awareness or rememberance Baba has given, be consistent. A lot of people asked me, “How can it be more consistent?” Baba gave the secret in Murli, it is because your thought and time are wasted. The authority of the powers that you have doesn't work because you don't really accumulate power, you lose power.

You all must have noticed how Drama scenes, situations keep moving along. They come, they go, they change, but should my stage fluctuate because of those scenes? Should I be a detached observer? Not only a detached observer, but internally stable in remembrance, maintaining good wishes for everyone, and always thinking of solutions. I noticed that once the problem has gone to the intellect, it becomes a habit of thinking, which is more problem oriented. I remember once Dadi Prakashmani told us that for the whole year, have the awareness of finding solutions, always solutions, don't engage your mind and intellect in problems. Be focused on what we want, how it should be, and that positive energy of looking at what is next and what is the solution, will help us to use the powers in the right way. Do not waste thoughts or time, because thoughts and time are connected. So, if we make that an internal habit, then our journey will also be very consistent.

So, for homework tomorrow, we start early in the morning and have the thought that “I am a master creator like Adi Dev”. He is my father, he is my creator. Baba has given you all the authority over the rights, all the rights. Authority over the powers, whichever power, whenever you want to emerge that power, it will come and you will be able to make others powerful also. Brahma Baba was able to recognize his part from the very beginning, and some of us are taking time to understand my part. If I am not able to give myself that understanding, accept whatever Baba is saying and then start from there. So, the homework is the awareness of being a master creator. Acceptance of that point will bring a lot of reflections, clarity, and then you are able to do. I was thinking that we are almost completing the month with 30 plus Avyakt signals on ‘self-respect and giving respect’. It's too quick, in one day, one awareness, it should be one awareness for the whole month, right? It becomes consistent, but also, it is good because a lot of different kinds of awareness emerges with one. Like Baba said that as ancestor souls, you are the trunk of the tree and we have beautiful awareness of self-respect. So, maintain self-respect, understand your part, and follow your father, play the part like Adi Dev.

Om Shanti


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