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Put A Full Stop To All Expenditure #8

Increase_Account_of_Accumulation_8 Mohini_Didi March 8, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

OK? Everyone well? Very good. Many of you must be aware about savings schemes. Baba is giving a sample of government savings schemes, because the benefit of the one who saves benefits the banks and benefits the government. Here Baba talks about a savings scheme for the powers. Let's say there are situations that are very common, some are new and some keep happening, but how quickly and with how little power you just pass with honor, use full-stop, or learn from it and let it go. Or you can spend hours and days, internally feeling that I have to tolerate. So, you are using the power of tolerance. It is good in a way, because you remain unshakable, stable. Then, because you haven't been able to let go, wind up, back up or say, “It's okay, it was Drama.” Subtly, there are so many things you have to overcome. The energy and the time you have spent or you are spending, very subtly come back to your self-respect. Accepting whatever was done with good intention, but maybe it wasn’t the right time, or in the right way. Sometimes, it is your own innocence about something. So, you have to overcome so many things, but you can do it by using minimum powers, not extended, and keep going on. So, one way of receiving a scheme is to use minimum power. I use the example of tolerance because that is one that we have to use all the time. There are very small things and we keep feeling the pain of that, “Oh, I have to tolerate. Why do I have to tolerate?” Really there is nothing to tolerate because you just accept this Drama, use a full stop, and go beyond. Then there are some very deep sanskars which could internally reject certain things. Not only does one have to overcome and let go, but also, the traces of that shouldn't remain. A lot of people physically get well and they will say, “I am okay, but just the cough is still there.” Sometimes it's a long time, and they keep dealing with that, because maybe the virus hasn’t gone. Sin happens with a situation or a sanskar, very subtly, and that is what Baba is saying, that for some it came up to an extent that they get exhausted or their power of tolerance gets exhausted.

Actually, we have to save, not that we have to keep using it more and more. Baba is saying to pay attention not to overspend, but you have to save. I think that with every day’s experience, and with the power of yoga, each one of you must be feeling that you can quickly wind up now. Power to pack, or power to withdraw, one power alone doesn't work. You want to tolerate it without feeling the hurt of it, without feeling that there are some deep vibrations that have changed for any soul. Rather have such powerful good wishes for every soul, those who are part of the situation, so that not only the trace of anything left in me but also in others and it becomes very very clear. This is what actually I do, it is as if that situation never happened. So everyone who is part of that will have some realization and some transformation. I'm sure you all have experience of this but also remind yourself, I am the master of all the treasures of all powers, and I'm the child, and being child I have right over all the powers, whichever I want from Baba. If you remain in the intoxication reminding yourself that you are Master Almighty, you are the master of all Baba’s treasures, you won't run out of hours, you won't feel, “Oh, I can't do it anymore.” So it's like some learning, some experience, always feeling you gain something. You never lose anything because Baba always says, be victorious. Victory is my birthright. I am the master of all powers. Some days, there are certain things you might feel that my stock is being overused. So, one way is to stop or reduce your expenditure. One time Baba explained to us that if you use power, it increases, but today what Baba was saying was don't use that much, use minimum.

So, we have to think on both sides. Like if you fail and don't tolerate, that shouldn't happen or it shouldn't be, or you keep tolerating, I am still tolerating, I'm still tolerating. If you are humble, honest, I don't think you need to tolerate. It is the ego, subtle ego, ego of intellect, ego of I know everything, whatever. Many types of ego makes us feel that I am not respected, I'm humiliated or whatever. That is why I am loveful, respectful, and just understand what it is. So, today Baba is giving another way of accumulating power. One is to use it, accumulate it. The other is, today is minimum, you spend minimum. Even for money, we always put something in savings, and today I was talking about putting something, any power, into a savings bank, savings scheme. So, today we will really look at our savings scheme and see. In that scheme, you know, sometimes you take your whole life, sometimes it's five years, and some just do it for a few months, or maybe I will need it. We should use all the powers for our whole life. Our whole life is in a saving scheme. It's very beautiful. So, we will do homework and look at our savings scheme. Today, one is what I do, another is what happens. Whatever happens, we will spend minimum power, but still we will pass with honor.

Om Shanti


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