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Purity - Conqueror of Maya #10

The_Greatness_of_Purity_10 Mohini_Didi August 10, 2022

Om Shanti!

Everyone ok? Everyone is well? Very good! Yes, the destination is high, but who is with us? Who is our leader? Who is leading us? The One who is Almighty. The One who is our Father. The One who is also the Supreme Guide. Whenever I find that I am not able to take another step, He not only shows me the next step, but also, He holds my hand so that I can get on that step. Reminding ourselves of our Companion, I think makes it very comfortable that, “Yes, I can make it, I can reach the destination.” Also, some effort is required. Today, Baba is giving us the practice of “being angelic and being incorporeal”. I think we all have a definition of what it is to be an angel. Baba also uses another word “go beyond sound”. Sometimes Baba uses the word ‘avyakt’. Avyakt could be angelic but avyakt is also like ‘disappear from corporeal’, and as Baba said, “There will be a time when there will be a lot of upheaval, a lot of sound.” I remember that we were in Peace Village and we were very new, and I had a room which was in the corner. The ceiling is not very high and I think it was thundering, a lot of lightning and thundering, and I could just feel it coming on me, so I started talking to nature. “Yes, we are together, we all have to help God to create a new world. What you're doing is very good, it will help.” I started communicating, and it's been like 20 years. So, I feel such friendship with nature.

Once we were at London airport and our flight was cancelled, not only delayed. So we had to wait until afternoon because we thought that there was no point to go home and then come back again. Suddenly, there was a fire alarm testing. So just imagine the alarm goes off, and there are people running around and they said, “Stay, stay, stop wherever you are.” Bhumiben and I know that if I become bodiless or practice incorporeal stage, it will not affect my body, because we left home at 7 in the morning, we don't know what’s next, and the body gets tired. I just said that this time I just go beyond the body, beyond matter, and remain in silence. So, whatever is happening outside, you're not very much aware because you are internally doing something, you are busy, you are practicing. That's what I use a lot whenever I am in very adverse situations. So, there will always be circumstances where your fear will be tested, your victory will be tested. Baba said that we need a lot of practice so that in the end, whatever happens, we can pass with honour.

I remember when Dadi Janki came last time, she kept saying “Mayajeet Pakrutijeet”. Whenever I had to go through something physical, Dadi Janki would say, “Baba is just purifying the matter. Baba is helping you so that you settle it and you are still able to do service. Baba is fixing our body so that we can serve more.” So, internally I do not get defeated, ever. I used to watch Dadi Janki, she never gave up. At 100+ she was well, and you know that people generally felt that the presence of the Dadis could help. So, they would even arrange a small plane for Dadi to go, and before leaving, she made so many trips. This little plane would come, she gets in the plane, she goes for two days and comes back. I used to watch her and I said, “Dadi you are amazing.” Anytime doctors would say that Dadi’s lungs are weak, she should not speak that much. She said, “They make you scared all the time. I can't stop talking, I have to talk when I feel like talking.” You would be surprised that her lungs were working 39% one time and her heart also, and both became very strong in the end. So, I have to serve, and from serving, I will become victorious. She never gave up, you know, she was really an example and what helped her, this thought of ‘I have to serve humanity, I have to serve Brahmins’. So, these practices that we do help us both ways, not only to be conqueror but also the thought that we have to serve. We used to say, “Dadi, your thoughts can serve, you can do mansa seva.” She said, “No, I have to do service through my words and body, too.” One of the reasons she had that capacity was because she was a ‘conqueror of Maya’.

One time we were in Peace Park, having a picnic with Dadi Prakashmani. So there was some topic going on and everyone was sharing. I was getting a little agitated on some of the comments people were making that they shouldn't. Like for me, I don't like to say anything for anyone, everyone is good in their own way, everyone has specialties. So, I was kind of quiet but I looked at Dadi Prakashmani. Instead of feeling that this is not right, no, she was beyond, sitting there, but she's not listening. So one, we try to stop it, “Why do you all say this? You shouldn't say this, this is not right.” Another is, you go beyond and it’s because Maya, what's Maya’s job? It's to create misunderstandings, illusions, and a lot of assumptions. Baba says that Maya is like a cat, looking, trying to get a chance. Maya is like a rat, sometimes Baba says that rat blows hot air and then bites, so you don't know. Sometimes Baba says Maya is like an evil spirit. One is not comfortable when Maya comes. We want to earn more marks, good marks.

Today when I was offering Bhog, I had such powerful beautiful feelings with Baba. Whatever He does, we should do that. Don’t keep any impressions about anyone before meeting them because our drishti has to be completely pure. Even to have the thought, subtly in attitude, ‘this one is always like that’, then you can’t give, you cannot have a pure meeting. Meet as whatever everyone is, just have love. I have to be detached also. That's why Baba keeps saying ‘loveful and detached.’ I'm sure if each one of you gets a chance, you could define Maya in a different way. Baba says that Maya is like the flu. You feel sick. Sometimes it does happen when you are about to get a fever, your mouth is bitter, and the sweetness is gone. When there is love, there is sweetness. So, Maya will play her part, but it doesn't matter. We are the victorious ones. We did this last kalpa, and we will also become conquerors now.

Om Shanti

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