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Make the Comforter of Hearts belong to you with a true heart #02

Honest_Heart_2 Mohini_Didi December 2, 2022

Om Shanti!

Baba whatever He says makes us think, we reflect, churn and try to experiment. Baba is saying that, once there is self progress that is also newness. I was wondering, how it is newness? Baba further said to make others easy yogis. When we have some self progress we are moving forward. Definitely we have some different understanding, churning. If someone likes to chat with us, wants to share with us or wants to clarify something, I think we will have something new or different to offer and that will help the soul have easy yoga. If I don't have any newness, progress, better yoga or clarity then we can't help those other souls. I thought that was a very powerful point. When I am progressing, I can help other souls. We can help other souls to be easy yogis. I think we should experiment on that with anyone who shares difficulty. We should be able to make that soul very light.

When people listen through the heart, the Comforter of Hearts is very near. Some might be feeling it and some not. If someone asks me, how can I have the experience that the Comforter of Hearts remembers me? I made Him belong to me. How is that? What is that experience? How do you feel about it? How do you know that the Comforter of Hearts is near you? Definitely that soul needs to be honest to please the Comforter of Hearts but then honesty also means to be truthful. I think that sometimes it does happen, we make little mistakes or what we say is not true. What do we have to do? Be honest, tell Baba. Baba I didn't want to do this or didn't want to say it, but I did. I remember that during Brahma Baba’s time, there was one new child. He came all the way from South India to meet Baba, to tell Baba about his mistake. He was a very jovial person. He said Baba, since I have made this mistake, I'm not happy. Baba used to say that if you are truthful, you will be dancing in joy. It was not a big mistake. He said, “I got very upset with my employee”, and came running to tell Baba. Baba, I got angry today. Baba was very pleased and very happy and he kept giving his example.

That’s another thing that you have to be brave, courageous, to be honest. Sometimes we wonder what will Baba think? Actually Baba does not think why you have done that, but rather Baba feels very happy. For 2-3 evenings he mentioned that brother, how he had come all the way to tell Baba what mistake he made, to inspire all of us. If you make a mistake, you will not be happy, your line will not be clear, thoughts will keep coming. I think we all have that experience, we try to hide, saying, I didn't do this, I don't have these thoughts. We don't need to be very clever in intellect, but should be innocent, clear intellect and speak up. Some people speak here, there, everywhere, but Baba says, speak to Baba. He’s the Comforter of Hearts, He will help you. In the beginning there used to be some souls who would talk to others and Baba wouldn't like it. Wherever they sat, they started talking about what was in their heart, but Baba said no, Baba will give power. Talk to Baba. People have their friends and that friendship is there, but we have to be speaking to Baba. Feel Baba belongs to me. There will be great feelings that Baba is the One who is my dearest Friend and He is the One who really will help me, souls cannot help. I think that the way Baba is saying, He will be remembering me, He will belong to me. It's simple, but very practical, you have to make it real. Today's homework is very very beautiful.

Om Shanti


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