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Make the Atmosphere As Powerful As Fire #27

Volcanic_Yoga_27 Mohini_Didi August 27, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Okay, everyone is well? Many Baba’s children ask, “What should we do in the morning, in Amritvela, to make it powerful?” Some Brahmins also have this complaint that they don't feel love for Baba, love from Baba, or even love from some of Baba’s children. They don't feel love. So yesterday we had some chit chat with brother Eric, he was asking about how to increase love,and how to maintain love? So now what you have to do tomorrow morning is to see Baba as Ocean of Love, Baba as my Parents, Baba as my Supreme Teacher, Baba as my Satguru who loves all the souls. We see all the sustenance in practical, how Baba is sustaining the Yagya and through Yagya we all are being sustained and every speciality which I or others have, is because of Baba. Baba is using us in an unlimited way, unlimited opportunities to serve. So look around, Baba’s love is not like a human being's love. Baba says I give love to everyone equally, it's not that I discriminate and say this one should get less or this one should get more. Baba gives unlimited love to everyone but how much I feel that love in myself. So tomorrow you might have to reflect on that, churn on that. How do I make myself full of love for Baba? Baba said when you are full of love, you will not be attached to human beings or to any material thing. Baba says, there is possibility even material things you might say I don't have greed but a lot of insecurity about material things. It's really important that in the morning we fill ourselves with God's love. Baba has given us Amritvela, Baba talked about maya as attachment or retraction. Generally, I always thought that I am conqueror of attachment, in the sense that I love everyone even with lokiks, but I didn't have attachment for any particular soul. Of course, we know that the first attachment and the last one is with the body. Soul consciousness is freedom from attachment and full of God's love”. So instead of thinking oh I have attachment, I have to do this, I have to take care of attraction, fill yourself with God's love, when you are full, Baba said you will not be pulled, if there is space then you might be pulled for different things. So Baba is talking about that.

So our homework for tomorrow is to practise powerful remembrance or volcanic remembrance making love as fire. Baba says then make the atmosphere as powerful as fire. So that means anyone who will come in that atmosphere, will change according to the time whilst you brahmins bring souls, you bring souls closer, Baba says, you must also continue to serve to make the atmosphere as powerful as fire, nothing can escape fire, right? Baba says for this you can have bhattis, long hours of yoga is called bhattis and deep discussions amongst yourself, have conversation on understanding of knowledge. You have to experience an intense form of love,and also give others the same experience. So Baba says remain busy in this service and also the, Baba says that trivia small matters will not come because sometimes our energy or the stage fluctuates because of very very small things and they, really they are nothing but we spend time, we talked about it, we waste lot of energy of words and mind and it comes and goes you know. Dadi Gulzar always used to say, situation is very sensible, it comes and goes but you hold it, you keep talking about it, you keep thinking about it and you make it very big, it’s waste, no? That maya in a way. So that's what Baba is saying but it is because of lack of God's love. If your heart is full with God's love, it doesn't mean that we have not to be accurate or we have to do everything according to system but also be careful that your time and your thoughts and your stage also is very very important.

Baba is saying that the last last stage is when you are conqueror of attachment, destroyer of attachment that means even if there is some kind of pull because of insecurity so that attachment or attraction has to be noticed. So that last part, so until today we look at our purity and we say it’s so good, right? But then the final stage of purity where there is no attachment, no attractions. So it is good that Baba spoke in the Murli about it, what we have to do at Amritvela and then what is our ultimate final stage of purity, where there is no attachment? So each one of us, we should really kind of think about it and this is something very incognito. I think it's only I will know my chart about attachment and attachment could have the thoughts that pulls that object or person, attachment could be with your own ideas. There are some souls their whole brahmin life is the complaint. How many times I gave proposals, how many times I gave ideas but they were never accepted or implemented. Attachment with your ideas, I always have such great ideas. They start doing things on their own, they start forming small groups and they do whatever they want on their own without approvals and without getting proper name to the system. But internally they always have this lack of contentment even if they're doing it, that is not recognized in the Yagya and Didi Manmohini says, Didi I have this sorrow. Didi will say when you say my ideas, why will everyone accept your ideas? But they came from Baba and then why you have sorrow? When you have touching from Baba or it is from Baba there will be kind of acceptance, there will be kind of feeling that we all are together. So first you have your own idea then you have your own groups then you do programs on your own and there are many those, who are staying very separate from Yagya even they call themselves Yagya. Because it’s all man-mat, right? It's not what Baba says. So it's very interesting if you look around than those who really obey Baba and they getting ideas from Baba or they following Baba’s system properly, they don't have to say anything, they are very happy, they are satisfied and they feel that Baba is making everything happen. Even their ideas are very good, could be really very excellent but it’s their ideas, my idea. So it doesn't get sustained for long time. So then again frustration remains, feeling of not being accepted, not being loved and so again this is what is Baba is calling as in the end attachment could be with your ideas, with your own name and fame. If it's Baba, recognition comes from the whole family and never never it's not good to have attachment with one’s own thoughts and ideas. So Baba is explaining so many types of attractions and attachments.

So today’s Murli explains us everything, how maya comes and in the end one of the stage which fluctuates or a failure happens is not feeling satisfied whether you're doing a lot or not doing a lot. So remind yourself I don't have any complaints, totally totally contentment because if you are becoming full and complete and not contented. So it's very important Murli and Baba wants us to celebrate the year of conqueror of attachment. So we might get points for this and we will work on that, right? So tomorrow morning uh quite churning, reflecting, looking at your own self, remind yourself that God loves me. God has a lot of a lot of love for each one of you. I always feel God's love. So why are we looking at human beings whether they love me or not? They will love me, two things Baba’s love and your own stage of perfection. Baba used to tell us as much you become perfect, Baba’s children, the family will have love for you. It's the love for this stage, right? So that's what we are doing for this month.

Om Shanti


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