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I am combined form #11

Love_for_Solitude_11 Mohini_Didi January 11, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone is well? Feeling very rich, right? Baba beautifully reminded us of our treasures, our treasure stores. So we are very wealthy, but also I was thinking just to think of our treasures Baba has given, you could feel combined also, it’s Baba who gave me these treasures. Baba wants us to be bestowers or donors. We have the tradition of giving everyone toli or gift or card of blessings. If I have read the blessing before and through my drishti I pass on that virtue, like ‘may you be successful’ or ‘may you be on a flying stage’. Baba said that if a person doesn’t want to hear then you give through drishti. I thought it's a very good reminder to all of us, Baba didn’t say give lectures, give the course, no. Sometimes you meet a person just for a few minutes, so you can’t give a lecture or the course. You can invite that person to join. So we do pay attention to making them study, to learn, but what gift do I have to give? Baba is saying that there should be treasures of sweetness, because subtly, it’s not bitterness, but it’s like something emerges from the sanskars. Then we interact, and we are not able to be sweet. How was Brahma Baba able to maintain sweetness? Whether souls were doing karma yoga, even some of the souls, they were not doing right things, but Baba was never upset, never. He will very sweetly go to them. So in their hearts their love for us is always there. Many many souls who left Baba in the sense of they didn’t want to live in the Yagya, they were still remembering Baba. So we asked them, "Why did you leave?” Not a single person said, “I left because Baba was upset with me or Baba didn’t do this for me.” They would say, “It’s my sanskars, some difficulties I couldn’t manage,” or they had a problem, they had conflict with other souls, but not with Baba because of his sweetness. So that means, the soul has gone far, distant physically but they remembered Baba because of the love and the sweetness. So how can that kind of memory be left in every soul for me? I remember once Baba said that if you get angry one time, that other soul cannot forget it for at least six months, it takes time to heal. So I like when Baba says treasures of sweetness, we all, each one of us, have to work on that to increase those treasures of sweetness, not getting irritated. For that, Baba wants us to practise this stage of being combined.

I always think of Bap and Dada, how are they combined? One time Baba said, “Two of us stay in this little space of the forehead and I want to speak, Baba wants to speak.” So, when Shiv Baba speaks, I listen and I am quiet, and then Brahma Baba can give examples and experiences because Shiv Baba didn’t play a part in the corporeal world and Brahma Baba did. Like going to Amarnath or the other memorials. The knowledge, the Truth, eternal Truth, what are these memorials? Brahma Baba didn’t know that these are our memorials. We played that part, we played the part as Lakshmi and Narayan. We played the part in birth after birth and then when we lost our purity, we lost our stage of being worship worthy, and then we became worshippers, but we didn’t know the story, right? We didn’t know about the whole cycle, how from worship worthy we became worshippers and now again from worshippers, we are becoming worthy to be worshipped. So who will speak about this? Now Brahma Baba can speak, but originally Shiv Baba would tell us our story. Later Baba is saying now you know the Creator and the creation. The story of Creator and creation, the cycle and the Drama. It’s very interesting how two of them are sitting and sharing together, so that’s a combined form. I remember that many times we used to do something with Baba, an activity like gardening or cleaning the grain, because we did a lot of karma yoga. These days, we go to Madhuban, we only study, then eat and do yoga and come back. These days it is okay giving talks and being on the computer and so service is considered to be that service, but for us it was like a family and Yagya seva is very important.

Baba would ask us ‘with whom are you doing this?’ ‘Whom you are playing with?’ We said “Baba.” Baba would say, “No, another Father.” So, we used to think that now Shiv Baba must have come. Then Baba would sometimes say, “With whom are you eating?” Baba. No, BapDada. So how they were combined: Mother and Father, Bap and Dada. So it’s a child and Father combined, right? I am with Baba and Baba will also say, “Yes my child is with Me.” So we can make it something very easy, very natural because in my heart, it’s not God sitting in my heart but His remembrances, His love. When there is love, there is remembrance. Baba wants us to be a karma yogi and do what we have to do in the awareness of combined form. While doing all activities, Baba is saying that there are waves of the ocean, but deep within our stage should be very peaceful, very still, stable with the awareness, nothing is new. So it's a very interesting way that Baba did karma yoga. Many of us sometimes used to tell Baba, “Baba when you say something like this, people get very upset and react.” Baba would smile, “So tell them but this is what our Baba says, I am not responsible.” So the lesson of nothing new was so firm in Baba’s life. As soon as you go a little bit deeper and the waves of the ocean disappear, there is such quietness, peaceful and stable, no situations, no fears.

So what’s the point for concentration and ekagrata? Ekant that means just getting merged in love of One, and I think that’s what we have been doing. Our purity, our divinity, our treasures will really remain full and, as Baba said, everyone in the world today needs something. So be bestowers, be donors. We have a lot to give and then fortune can awaken that person. Anyone you give gifts to, they feel happy, right? To give a physical gift is very common, but this is the gift for the soul. We can definitely share gifts of virtue or power from our treasure store. So, have this pure thought for this year. The year has just begun. Let us distribute the gifts from our treasure store and the most beautiful thing is that they’re never short in stock. When I am combined with Baba, love for Baba and myself, I keep receiving from Baba. Don’t be scared to give love, patience, my stock will increase. So, it's very lovely to hear Baba and keep Baba’s message with us; be sweet and share with others.

Om Shanti


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