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I am a Soul With Faith in the Intellect and Thereby Victorious #8

Love_for_Solitude_8 Mohini_Didi January 8, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Baba wants us to be more introverted, to go underground, but then there are actions because when the soul is in the body, there is day and night, there’s food, every action has to be done. We have a very good example of Brahma Baba, but the only difference is, we do actions but not necessarily in remembrance, creating the presence of Baba. Brahma Baba did everything until the end. You all know the story that generally class used to be quarter to nine every night. Baba would just come for just 20 minutes, speak a few words, ask for our well-being, and then he would say goodnight and go. However, on that day, he wanted class earlier, one hour earlier, because he left body around quarter to nine. That means internally he knew, and in the morning he asked Ishudadi to replay all the letters. So, there were a lot of letters, and Baba replied to everyone. That means that until the end, he had to do whatever actions, no one could say that I didn’t get a reply of the letter, or Baba didn’t do this. It’s very interesting that becoming angelic-karmateet means there’s no bondage of karma, but still whatever he had to do for the Yagya, he did it until the end. So that means it will never happen where I could say that I have nothing to do with the Yagya. In whatever way, through thoughts, words or actions, no, I’m in silence. Baba was a detached observer, we could feel it, even not going into too much details of anything, but he would know everything. It’s like he was in a different stage, but he was doing everything.

So Baba is giving the example that you have to do actions but internally maintain your stage. So, this is a very interesting point for self-respect, “when there’s faith there’s victory”. The awareness within me should be, “I am a victorious soul “. So when I am a victorious soul, with the foundation of faith, I should remain under the canopy of Baba, I have to be carefree. I have to be light, joyful. There’s a saying, “hands in the work and heart with the Beloved”. So you are doing everything but your heart is with the Beloved,”Dil yaar de, hath kar de” that means you’re doing things but your heart is with your Beloved. I really liked when Baba said, “not only be knowledgeful, but be powerful”, because ultimately what will remain in the soul is power. So, I really had been thinking that, in the Golden Age you will be Satopradhan but you won’t have knowledge. That means there will be powers, Sato stage, but there will not be any knowledge there. So that means keep changing knowledge into power. So while becoming karmateet, still do karmas or actions for the Yagya, sustenance of Yagya, because they are elevated actions. Anything we are doing towards the Yagya is elevated, creating fortune, or as Baba said, using your time until the last moment. When you use everything in a worthwhile way, that means you’re becoming successful.

Baba also said in one of the Murlis that the whole year you don’t have to do just service, plan bhattis, then plan service, it’s like according to the season in the country. So there has to be a proper balance of Tapasya and service also. Baba is saying, service is not only planning through the intellect. In solitude, underground and then you don’t have to plan, the plan will come to you. It’s like what we call ``touchings”. So what are touchings? Let me do this, let me serve this way and when anything you do which is from a touching, the plan is then easy. Plain, clear and when you do it, there’s success in that, because souls are touched. There’s a saying that if you’re truly serving from the heart, then what will happen? One is of course, to give knowledge, give information, give education The other is where heir souls, subjects are created. As many people hear the knowledge, somewhere they will come in the kingdom of happiness and peace, and they are subjects, but we want heirs to be created, souls who just come and surrender to Baba.

We have been given spiritual birth through the Dadis. The quality of the souls at that time and the quality of souls now are different. So, we had a lot of discussion and one of the main points was they were like tapaswi souls, and it’s not like they made big plans like we do here. Through their vibrations, through their mansa seva, their renunciation helps us to be what we are today. So I think when this point comes, we should practice, go underground, be in silence and then see, not only the touchings but how even just by your tapasya and renunciation there will be many many souls who will be served. The simplicity, the clean heart, having that cheerfulness, being victorious, constant success, all these qualities are very very visible. Faith cannot be visible, but carefree stage is visible. We are detached observers because we know whatever will happen, will be very good. Today Baba said that now is good, and it will be better and better.

So our homework is to remain busy in actions, but be on the spiritual journey also. If we combine it, that means be karmateet, and still do karmas. Be beyond but still wherever necessary you get involved also. Be silent but whenever it’s possible or needed, just speak. This introversion going underground also Baba said just for 5 minutes, 10 minutes. Dadi Janki used to say, “I go every minute.” Before speaking to someone, she really used the word introversion or underground. She said, “I go in silence for a moment and then I speak.” So I think that whether it is our feelings or good wishes or our thoughts, you’re also kind of verifying with Baba, so it’s coming from Baba. So others should have this feeling not that this is what I want, but the instrument must have checked with Baba. I remember something happened and others said, “We thought you would have checked with Baba before telling me.” So this habit of introversion, going underground is it’s kind of getting answers from Baba and also your own elevated experience of being victorious, makes not only our life successful but Baba’s Yagya also, things get accomplished. So we have to practise and take this homework of experiencing, going underground, becoming karmateet, remaining carefree, joyful, and the lightness of being victorious.

Om Shanti

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