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I am a Deity of Happiness #30

Harmonizing_Sanskars_30                   Mohini_Didi                   April 30, 2024

Om Shanti!

Did anyone dance the whole month, or sometimes did they hit each other a little bit? While dancing you can hit with your foot or something else happens. What I find is when there is attention, then definitely there is improvement, transformation.You might have noticed in the beginning that there were two sparrows. Did you all see the two sparrows? They both were looking at different sides and won't look at each other. Now you saw two of them trying to talk and chat, their expressions. It was beautiful to see the two sparrows not looking at each other, and then trying to talk. We are comfortable with each other, whatever anyone is, then you communicate, you talk,you are light. Otherwise you are quiet. Even when we are in front of each other and we don’t smile or communicate, we are more blank. Actually, I feel that at the Confluence Age, we think of others' love for us and the way Baba is sustaining us, our unlimited family. I think of the world and what we have, how Baba takes care of us. So, there should be a lot of joy. There is a word in Hindi which is called ‘sukh’, and Baba says ‘dukh’ and sukh’, sorrow and happiness. The other word that Baba is using there is khushi, and then sukh. Sukh also means that I am comfortable. Is it because of facilities? Is it because of my team around me, my relationship with others? I think maximum joy comes from when I have a good relationship with everyone. We always need each other to be very cooperative, whether it is in the task or in whatever way, and be attentive not to cause sorrow to anyone. There is already so much sorrow. I should be the one who shares happiness all the time. There might be a time where we can share what brings happiness to you, we have the whole month. I know that I had this thought that happiness is my fortune. So, I find that by looking at our sanskars sometimes the influence of the sanskars also makes you start behaving in a similar way. If this one does this way or doesn't do it, then you also get influenced. We have to be very careful keeping control over our own sanskars. So it has been a good month and now we are starting a new one. We will we see from tomorrow morning, something from Murli also for one month. The practice is that I read the whole thing only a day before yesterday, and I knew our day one is tomorrow morning, at that time I didn’t know what the practice was. So, I am saying that whatever I felt after reading the Murli, that was the relationship with God. So from all over, within the Brahmin family, we remain sustained and remain full of the treasures of happiness. That’s the thought. So we will be starting a new one now.

Om Shanti

Treasure of Happiness

So from today we got a new title;’Deity of Happiness. We know that deity means bestower. How do we give happiness? I think that some people are happy with some material things. We know that there is happiness, but that is temporary. When you think of your fortune, what is in your fortune, especially after becoming a Brahmin, after becoming Baba’s child, a BK? There is only happiness. Even if there are some kind of once in a while karmic account, settling, but then by settling, also there is no suffering. I have seen the Dadis, I have seen many that externally say, “Oh, why do they have to go through that?” If you really see them closely, they are not going through anything, they are very happy, because in their intellect, they know it is settling. So, I always say, battling is not settling. Settling is that you are not affected whether emotionally, physically or in a relationship. Keep reminding yourself, not only I am a happy soul, but also I am a bestower of happiness. So, lightness, inner lightness, is related to happiness. So even if we are introverted and serious, it doesn’t mean that we can not be light and cheerful.You can be introverted, but we can also be very light. Whenever, it’s like a journey. So, if you are light you will be happy, not carry anything, not hold anything. Every night before sleeping, give your chart to Baba, take some more blessings from Baba for the next day, and also bless yourself by thinking how much everyone loves you, thinking of God’s love, everyone’s love. One can remain very happy. 

So we are starting the month of May. We have Tulips around, beautiful springtime. So even when we walk around, we look at them and smile. Smile at flowers, flowers are smiling at you. Do you feel flowers smiling, so we should also smile and then a little bit, smile more. You will be happy. I know everyone here cares for plants inside and outside. We are all happy. So Baba says that at present, the great need in the world is happiness. I don’t know, I have not read the news for a while but somebody sent me something from the war which is happening and we really look at children, women and men, whether it is hunger or whether  any kind of suffering, a lot is happening. So how do we give them happiness? I have been thinking all over the world because the sun never thinks, “How do I reach? or How do I give my light?” He shines, and keeps shining. So at least there is light. It is the same for us. Our thoughts, our vibrations are there constantly, and that freedom is freedom from sorrow, because Baba says that more and more will be happening. So, what do we have to do? Baba says that the greatest need in the world is happiness. Whereas you are overflowing with the treasures of happiness. Always remain happy, give others the beams to remain happy. By doing this, all the souls will consider you to be the deity of happiness. Always keep in your awareness your title that I am a deity of happiness. Think loudly and then speak; “I am a deity of happiness.”

Om Shanti

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