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Father is making you do it, Father is the Almighty Authority #29

Become_a_Carefree_Emperor_29            Mohini_Didi            March 29, 2024  

Om Shanti!  

Such a wonderful Father, such a big and wonderful gift He brings. I have never heard of any father bringing such a gift. That gift is a carefree emperor. Generally in the family when something happens, they say, “don’t worry, don’t be concerned, don’t worry,” they keep saying it. When Baba comes, He really makes us carefree, worry free. It’s very interesting, Baba is saying to achieve that gift and to have that gift it is very important to have the awareness of the One who is making it happen. When Baba has to do it, it happens right? That means if I have to do something, I will be doing it, Baba won’t need to do it. He is almighty, His thought has power, because of that, He does it, it happens. Baba keeps saying it happens, so I was thinking about, is this Baba’s power? How come it just happens? It must be because of the Almighty's power. Baba is saying that Father is making you do it, Father is Almighty Authority, it’s the easy means of success in service. The one who is getting everyone to do something is making me do it. If I am doing it then you receive the fruit according to the capacity of the soul. You can do it, it’s not that you can’t do it, but then you get the reward of limited capacity. Baba is saying when the Father is making you do then Father is Almighty Authority then you receive the elevated fruit of karma. 

Always keep in your awareness the carefree sovereignty you have received from the Father, and the Godly gift of heaven on the palm of your hands. Baba says in the Murli, on my palm of the hand I bring the gift of heaven for you. I don’t know what the reference is, but there must definitely be a significance of bringing a gift on the palm of the hand. Just imagine a little palm, the gift is big because Baba gives that gift of an unlimited beautiful world of heaven. There is definitely a lot of depth in the secret of Baba bringing the gift. Baba gives us a gift of self sovereignty, because in all this what is connected is also nature, five elements, because as Baba said in Murli, your image is of light, everything is of light, so that transformation which is happening. Let us appreciate, accept and use it in the confluence age, the capacity of a carefree king. In Kalyug for someone to tell us it is a carefree kingdom is a very big gift. Not only do we thank Baba but we accept the gift.

Om Shanti


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