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Every action according to God’s directions #29

Give_Blessings_Receive_Blessings_29 Mohini_Didi November 29, 2023

Om Shanti!

Everyone is okay? Yes, keeping well? Good, happy, light! We have to experience all attainments in the Confluence Age. To waste time, to take sorrow, to get lost in little things, is not a good use of time at the Confluence Age. The Confluence Age is the time for effort, but also time for fruition, because what you experience at the Confluence Age, even deities do not have that experience. Our joy that comes from the activities we do, the service we do, deities won’t have that experience. Sometimes I wonder, we're so busy, what the deities must be doing there? So, it’s the very beautiful time of the Confluence Age. You may find it difficult to be obedient, hence obedience is not just doing, obedience is very subtle. The relationship where there is obedience is of good quality. So, what you are enjoying is not what you are doing, but what you are obeying. That deep satisfaction, contentment within, I did it because Baba asked me to do it. So, I was a trustee and I was able to do it. One thing we should remember is that if Baba is asking it will get done, even whatever obstacles are there, it will be done, because it is Baba’s directions, He makes it happen. We’re just the instruments, it’s Baba who makes things happen.

So today is about ‘every action according to God’s directions’. Directions generally are seen more as external, but there are subtle directions in every action. Sometimes we understand, sometimes not, and also because human life is always about karma philosophy. Baba is asking me to do something, so there definitely must be a significance. Either Baba is helping me to settle or helping me to create an elevated fortune. Sometimes certain actions are done through which settling happens. There’s no loss in settling, there’s still something elevated, because of the way you settle. Did I settle while suffering or did I settle with Baba’s remembrance? So, everyone has a different way to settle because if it’s suffering, it will be visible on the face, but if it’s joyful settling, I am very happy that I am settling. So, your face will be full of contentment and very joyful. That’s why today Baba said that our stage should be cheerful, unshakable, and immovable. In the Golden Age of course whatever our fruition is, we will be stable, but to be stable at the Confluence Age, is something very elevated, very important. So Baba is saying, ‘therefore none of their actions would cause disturbance in their mind or intellect’. After doing action, before doing action, if there’s turbulence, disturbance in the mind or intellect, then you should just become neutral, don’t do any action for a while. When your mind is clear, then you can decide what you want to do. Baba says to never have to think about whether something they do is right or wrong. Sometimes I think, “is it Baba’s Shrimat?” That is a lot of conflict in the minds of many, am I following Shrimat, or is my mind saying?

The mind has desires, and when there are desires, there are a lot of thoughts, there’s a lot of thoughts about reward and if it’s fulfilled, what will happen? When it’s Baba’s Shrimat, it’s like a fruit, it’s not the seed. When you have fruit, you see in front of you and you know that there are seeds in the fruit also. So, as there are fruits in the seed, there are seeds in the fruit. Those who are able to see both aspects, Baba said that they will enjoy. So, Baba says that because they do everything directly according to the directions they are given, they do not say anything under any influence according to their karmic bondage. They perform even actions according to the directions. Baba is saying this because it could be from my own sanskars that I follow directions or give directions. It’s not Shrimat, and we have seen many times that you’re doing certain things because of the influence. You like someone’s sanskars, you get along well. So getting along well doesn’t mean you follow directions of the other person, no. Actually when there’s agreement, there’s liking, we have to be more careful. In the sense that I am not influenced by anyone. So influence could be positive but also negative. I know a lot of people, if they like someone, they keep following that person. I immediately say, “But you have to follow Baba.” They are even ready to do what they have to do for the Yagya but under influence, which is good in a way until something wrong happens.

So that’s what Baba is saying. If they are following the directions they are given, they experience God’s blessings and constantly feel power inside and then they are totally filled with super sensuous joy. It’s very subtle, what our attainments are, super sensuous joy, willpower, inner power, these are the attainments of doing actions based on right directions. That means you could start following the directions of the soul you’re influenced by. It happens in everyone’s life, certain duration you find, you were doing because this one said it and you like that one. If the same things are told by a person you do not really favour, you find it difficult. So because of the influence of our own karmic bondage, we have to be very careful, that is why we keep reminding ourselves of Baba's directions, elevated directions, no influence of anyone. There are attainments if you do according to Baba’s directions. Baba is talking about lightness, willpower, super sensuous joy, fullness, you will never say you’re lacking something, and there will always be experience of fullness.

Om Shanti

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