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Constant Companion, Karankaravarhar #2

Karankaravanhar_2 Mohini_Didi July 2, 2022

Om Shanti!

Is everyone okay? Yes? Very good. Baba is the Ocean of Knowledge, and He also is the World Benefactor. He has all the knowledge, and He has to bring benefit to everyone. There are a lot of people in the world who have knowledge, but Baba’s knowledge is to bring benefit to the self, and to bring benefit to others. That is why, every time we listen to Baba, He gives us something to do that helps the self and the world. So, every time Baba says a line, we think, “Oh I know the meaning”, but I have to understand what to do, and how to do it. So, Baba is speaking beautifully about spiritual sympathy. First, He said sympathy, and then He said spiritual sympathy. What exactly is spiritual sympathy? How do we express that? Someone is sad and we sympathize, someone has a problem, we sympathize. I am sure some of you must have had some reflections on sympathy, then spiritual sympathy. As soon as you have spiritual sympathy, you are able to benefit all. Actually, benefit is a word that is not very appropriate, but it is more like bringing salvation, kalyankari. May you get liberated, may you get liberation in life, not that your problem will be solved. When we say kalyankari, it’s more like benevolence, and that’s where kindness, compassion, love, all these qualities are necessary. In India, we have decided that the topic we will take is to spiritually empower ourselves for kindness and compassion for humanity, not mercy, but kindness.

Every word has a different understanding, then you have to apply it. I remember that we were somewhere, and we had to go for training for one month. The person who was training was very sweet, very gentle, so we used to appreciate it so much. The way he taught us how to wash our hands, he would teach many times. He would go near the sink and wash his hands to show us how. I still remember because whenever I am near the sink, I say how to wash hands properly. Some people just go and rinse. Many of you use alcohol. So, when we are with anyone, whether you are giving the seven days course or anything, we should have kindness and compassion. We are not only teaching. When you see someone doing, you remember that more than the words. People learn easily. That's why these days Baba keeps saying, ‘face and activities’, ‘chehra and chalan’. Your face should be giving that experience, and your activities should also show that kindness and compassion. That is called benevolence, in other words. So, we have to start working on this thought of spiritual sympathy as our main treasure. Rich or poor, they all need it. How do we share with them, and what will bring that to me and to others? Now, when I am describing this, if you all start reflecting and doing it, that’s where Karankaravnahar enters, because what is in your heart? To do what Baba wants us to do, right? That is why there are some who listen to so many classes, so much more information. For me, I say, “No, it’s Baba’s Murli, I have to find it from Baba’s Murli. Really, if you have attention, you will say, “Oh yeah, Baba is explaining this.” I remembered that when I started going home to Baba, one thing Baba told me was just to be with One if you want your intellect to remain divine, don’t mix things. From this book, from this one’s class are all different interpretations. Why don’t I find what Baba is saying? Spiritual sympathy right from Baba, from Baba’s Murlis. My experience is how Baba is kind to me, so in the same way, I am kind to others.

So, Baba‘s presence as Karankaravanhar comes when I am really trying to do what Baba wants me to do. I keep this thought from morning Amritvela, and sometimes I just get, “Oh that’s what it means”. I don’t necessarily want words or explanations from others, because Baba just gave that insight. I have that insight, so now I know what Baba means. Then you feel that Baba can use you. Baba and myself should have that companionship. I remember that Dadi Janki always used to laugh and say, “You have to be almost the same to be a companion.” One day, she was laughing that one is tall and one is little, that won’t match. I have to match with Baba, some of the qualities, start with one, and then two, and then three. Now this point of brahmacharya, that means to follow Brahma Baba, and we can do that. We are all Baba’s children, Baba’s students, and Baba’s followers, so we can do it. So, to experience Baba as a Companion, Baba should be proud of His companions. Baba was free from attachment, but very caring. Most people would say that in order to care for someone, you get attached. Baba was able to do whatever until not only older age, but for so many years, because he was working with Shiv Baba, with no one else, there were many, but it was only Shiv Baba.

So, when I thought of this homework or practice of companionship, I said that each one of us should look at ourselves. Am I ready to be God’s companion? Thinking together, walking together, talking together, being together, all the time as companions. That experience is very important. So, karankaravanhar is not only that Baba will do what I have to do, Baba will take care. We keep giving more and more duties to Baba. We leave home and say, “Baba, take care of our home until I come back,” as if He is a watchman. “Baba, this is happening, please take care of this.” We always give him odd jobs, but that’s not royal. “Baba, this I will take care of, you do what you have to do.” He has very royal ways, real ways, there is a saying “Tumhare gat mat nyari”, “What you think and do is unique, different from everyone.” That is why with Sakar Baba, we used to feel that every time He comes, He gives us a surprise. Whatever we could never think, that’s what He would come up with. He has to do it, so we have to catch up. It’s always more elevated, so we go a little higher, or do it bigger. So, we all will reflect on spiritual sympathy, and use it more and more. Also, just having closeness with Baba. It was easy, right? BapDada together? We all have to be together with Shiv Baba.

Om Shanti


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