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Conclusion and Experiences #31

Embodiment_of_Success_31 Mohini_Didi October 31, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Yes, we are in Shantivan. Everyday is a different day here.Yesterday was again offering bhog for Didi Nirmala. It is so interesting to see how much love everyone has for seniors; for Didis and Dadis, and they share their good wishes. I think that my experience or conclusion of last month is how we use everything in a worthwhile way and be successful. It is so interesting that we always thought to use everything that is material. Baba is expecting more and more that you have treasures. You have the treasure of knowledge, and the treasure of virtues and powers. From time to time, for self progress, for Baba’s task, for helping others, be cooperative and use your treasures. So, use the subtle powers of the mind and intellect, of virtues and powers, in a worthwhile way. Then, automatically deep changes happen in the self, not looking at the weaknesses of others, but being cooperative. So, I had very good experiences. I am sure you all also had good experiences. Om Shanti!

Give Blessings and Receive Blessings:

Om shanti. The whole world's family is together. We are together and specially listening to the letter of Dadi Ratanmohini. She is the only Dadi left. She has always been very loving, respectful, and very healthy. She has been the chairperson of the youth wing. So that means even though her body now is old, she is very healthy. So with the letter comes Avyakti signals. The whole thing has shifted on what you have to give, your treasures, and cooperation from those treasures. We don’t need to give donations in the Brahmin family, but a lot of cooperation is required for personal journeys, and also for the accomplishment of God’s task. Baba says that in order to receive blessings, and give power to those who are powerless. First is the realization that we have a lot of powers, inner powers, inner virtues. Last month was about using it in a worthwhile way. First when you use, you realize, I have and the second is, it is beneficial, worthwhile. Whether it is for the self, for a team, or for the whole family. So beautifully, Baba is saying to give the cooperation of virtues and powers. These blessings work like a rocket that is even faster than a lift. So then you won’t have to give time to your efforts, but you will continue to fly with the rocket of blessings. It is worth experimenting; to fly with the rocket of blessing and you will experience the reward of the Confluence Age. If you use your time to make an effort to give cooperation to others, your efforts will automatically be accumulated. Experience the reward of Confluence Age that is joyful life, peaceful life, powerful. Naturally, what we call the conqueror of Maya. So think about it, churn, reflect, realize your powers and share with others.

Om Shanti

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