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Conclusion And Experience #31

Construct_the_New_World_31 Mohini_Didi July 31, 2023

Om Shanti Every one !

Was a good month of July, everyday listening. reflecting then practicing. It definitely helps the soul. I find that most of the souls make good efforts, but accurate efforts are when we use the method Baba gives us.

The three words which Baba gave us, to be an instrument, be humble and then you will be constructive. Starting from creating awareness. When we say I'm Baba’s instrument, God’s instrument, everyone's intellect goes towards Baba. I think we all benefit from this practice. Everyday there was some more realization. Any type of stage is not created within a day. It's always drop by drop. For me, I found it very beneficial, because of seeing the importance of humility. The right way to be humble is with the awareness of being an instrument. There was a different kind of sense, different kind of feelings, different kind of experience. I was so happy to see that truly, there is humility. You always try to create harmony in relationships, be constructive, no matter what the situation. Baba says, every situation has a spiritual solution. Helping souls to grow spiritually is very important. With humility, when people talk to you, there will be honesty. There will be truth, because they will say whatever they have to say. Also, as Baba said, when there is humility then there is no ego. When there is no ego, there is no humiliation. Otherwise some people say all the time that they feel they were not given respect, felt left out, or didn't feel a sense of belonging, many feelings. It's the ego. An instrument has to be humble, because I'm not doing it, Baba is making it happen. So ego is about what? Ego comes only as when ‘I, I’. The homework today was to surrender thoughts of, my thoughts, my ideas, my plans. It's very beautiful, very powerful and I feel I took a lot of benefit during the day, practicing, while serving, and having that attitude. One feels very close to Baba also.

Our Brahma Baba was very humble. He gave respect to everyone. It was good to get one point per day. I am sure that you all must have also understood it and your awareness must be more powerful. You must definitely, through your thoughts, words and actions, be constructive. Never, never because of any reason, join in what is not contentment. Constantly have contentment and help others souls to experience contentment. That was my experience for the month of July.

Om Shanti !

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