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Clear line of the intellect #01

Honest_Heart_1 Mohini_Didi December 1, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

The month of December has begun. The group that came to me today also had a beautiful meeting with Baba yesterday. Baba said that we shouldn't waste our time but keep our intellect and mind busy. Baba also said to keep the chart of what newness you bring to yourself by experimenting with yoga, to bring newness in each subject. Newness in knowledge is when you really take a point, sit in silence and go deeper or into a subtle understanding of that point, and as soon as you find it, there is more clarity and you feel very happy about it, truly happy. That is why we use word insight. Insight is like even if you think of physically when you are able to see everything clearly, you feel happy about it. It's the same as with your intellect when you are able to see or understand points of knowledge very clearly. It's like you found words, you found jewels, you feel happy about it. Let's say there is a situation, and you want to resolve it by using the power of yoga. Let's say someone is upset with you about something. You go into Baba's room, and you bring that soul in front of Baba. There are two things; one is that you have good wishes, second is that transformation which should happen. I'm expecting that through the power of yoga, the soul's nature of getting upset over small matters should also change. So, it's not just from my side, but there has to be transformation on the other side also. I am sharing this because that's the method I use. Instead of pleasing someone, trying to keep calling someone, we don't do that, but rather, what we do is just bring the soul in front of Baba, and then keep giving good wishes. I saw that result immediately. So, what Baba is saying is that you will experience that newness in the subject of yoga by experimenting on that. Use the power of yoga and any obstacle that comes, first the obstacle has to be removed internally, and then it will be removed externally.

Third is in dharna. If you have a habit of reacting, you just decide now that I will stay calm, I will stay in my eternal stage, I am not going to get upset about anything. So, there will be a new kind of experience. If I say I am always right, this is the right way, doesn't matter, then newness will not be experienced. So, if there is newness in knowledge, yoga and dharna, the way you will think, speak, and serve through actions there will be newness. Everyone will say, “Oh whenever you say something, so different, really new, I haven't heard it before.” So, we always think about newness in service without bringing newness in all three other subjects. If I bring newness in all the subjects, then automatically there will be newness in service. So, we have to experiment on that. Of course, as when there is honesty, accepting myself as I am, and offering myself the way I am, that honesty will help the line of intellect to be very clear. Often, we find that there is a lot of disturbance, or cut off, in the line of communication. It could be the internet, it could be a telephone line, anything. So, how do we experience and experiment today? When I am honest, then the line of intellect is clear. Why is it clear? It's clean. An honest person has nothing much to think about. When the line of the intellect is clear, step by step you are touched by Baba. Whether acting based on shrimat or even doing something that you have planned, but everything is so clear that you don't need to keep your intellect very busy. It's only when we are not clear, then we keep thinking about it for clarity.

So, it's very interesting and also it is important to keep the intellect clear. Baba wants to help me. Baba wants to give power to me. Baba has some signals for me. So, whatever Baba has to offer to me, it will be easy to receive. It's very subtle the way He gives to us. So, if the line is clear, I can understand very clearly. I have this experience even when I go to Baba, if there is anything in between, that means if the line is not clear, one can understand that lack of clarity again. So, it is so interesting to see that clean intellect and that cleanliness is based on the truth. Sometimes some people speak truth, but there is bitterness in their truths, and because of that, the line can't be clear. If I am bitter about something, a lot of wasteful thoughts will come, and when there are wasteful thoughts, my line is not clear because I am regretting. Even if I am realizing subtly, I am guilty and I feel, “Oh I shouldn't have said this, I shouldn't have done this.” So, in other words, the line is not clear. So, I like this aspect very much. It lets us keep our mind line of intellect clear, no disturbance, no cut off. So, I am able to receive from Baba and able to do what I am supposed to be doing.

Om Shanti


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