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Check All Your Accounts #2

Increase_Account_of_Accumulation_2 Mohini_Didi March 2, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone is okay? Yes? It’s amazing how Baba keeps us well. Is it your efforts or Baba’s blessings? Yesterday, Baba said that the most important service that is required now is the service of receiving and giving blessings. Give blessings and receive blessings. It seems so easy. How do we do that? I thought that whatever Baba says to us, the way Baba says to us, even if we repeat those words for others. One is awareness, second is our dharna, that means to be an embodiment, swaroop, and third definitely is sharing with others. I think we need a lot of practice. Not necessarily only practice, but what we require is our savings account. As much as we have savings, whatever words we will speak, or Baba gave an example that when we worship worthy idols, because when we are living, we are not worshiped. We are praised, we have been giving Baba’s assignments according to our qualifications, but we are not worshiped. It is our memorials that are worshiped in the path of worshiping. So, many devotees, all devotees, different kind of devotees, with different stages, different desires, they just go in front of those idols, express their desires, their problems, their sorrows. The goddess doesn’t say, “This one I shouldn’t give. This one must get 50% or rather one gets 30%.” No. She just gives blessings. For that, what is required? Soul conscious vision, not seeing the face of anyone, because if you look at the face, then your past impressions can emerge. So, what Baba wants us to check, as Baba said yesterday, don’t be innocent in checking by saying, “I didn’t do this the whole day, I didn’t cause sorrow, I didn’t get upset.” That’s not accumulation. Accumulation is what you did that is elevated. Did you speak elevated words? Were all your thoughts, thoughts of blessing?

So, Baba had been talking about different accounts. The first was the account of thoughts, then words. Today, Baba is talking about the account through the body. Whatever actions we do through the body, in a lokik way, we have to do certain actions, taking care of the body, taking care of our day-to-day activities, or if necessary, doing karma yoga for the Yagya. Then the thoughts and the awareness have to be divine. Our drishti has to be divine. I was thinking how eyes are part of the body, so drishti is also considered to be action like listening, talking, seeing, I am seeing something. So, if I see someone, how should I see? Of course, in soul consciousness. Last night it was quite late, and few sisters came. Generally I say, “No, it’s already late 10-10:30, I’m not going to see them. I’ll be leaving at 5 and all that.” So I said, “Okay.” So, they must have seen from far away and they didn’t expect that I would meet them. So, they were talking to Bhumi Bhen. Then I said, “Okay, let them come.” She kept saying, “I always saw you like Durga.” This was what she felt when she saw me offering Bhog in the morning. Now, instantly the way I should have seen and I think I did have drishti of love and blessing. So, I had been churning on when Baba said to give drishti, the way others look at me, what should be my way, how should I look at someone? So, I had been thinking in the early morning today too, in drishti, in my thoughts, what should be there? So, use every organ of the body, because you can’t just sit back. You use your hands, your feet, your mouth to speak, eyes to see, but the question here is whatever I did, did I accumulate, or were they regular actions? Is simply doing an action enough to accumulate, or it will be just a simple action? So, sometimes they are ordinary actions, but the awareness can be elevated. When you are cutting vegetables, or you are cooking, what is the awareness, that means what are thoughts? This is the Yagya, andI am an instrument for Baba, I’m cutting it for Baba’s bhog, to offer Bhog to Baba, some elevated thoughts. Then you are accumulating elevated thoughts and maybe doing just simple actions. So, somewhere this attention Baba says that I have to accumulate.

Now the same comes to what we call wealth. I always thought and of course we were taught that whatever comes goes in Baba’s box. I don’t have personal income but even what comes in Baba’s box, some share should go towards world service, some towards the unlimited Yagya, and of course to sustain the Yagya, you are part of it, or you are responsible. Jagdish bhai used to tell us to use at least 50%. 50% goes towards rent, then insurance and water bills and other bills, 50% should go towards serving people. Otherwise, we spend all to maintain the structure, but what about serving the souls. Since then, of course we were trained that way. So, my theory is that there should be something that goes towards unlimited service. Baba is saying that you are able to give only if you have accumulation. So, there is definitely what we contribute, but also, if I have a balanced budget, I have enough to keep contributing which is also using it in a worthwhile way. I believe if we do it from the heart, there is always enough. If we are trustees of the well, there will always be enough.

Accumulation is important, otherwise, like someone was saying that one of the souls has a habit of writing checks and not having money in the bank. It can be seen as fraud, but she does that very often. They were looking at some of these things to see if she is a candidate to stay at a center. We always look at the financial record of that person, and the record shows such amazing things. One is credit cards. She had used up her credit cards, but then she started writing checks. As I said, there is no money in the bank, so the checks come back. So, if there is savings you can give, otherwise you cannot. In other words, you are deceiving others, but you are deceiving yourself, too. You will have to pay anyway, because if you do not pay then they have agencies. They come and they will ask you. When everything began with credit cards, Baba would just say, “Oh, you have plastic money.” It is tempting. Some people can just get used to it and you don’t have to pay for a month, so they keep 8-10 cards and maybe 8 banks and they keep using one after another. Baba is saying that this is like deceiving, deceiving yourself and deceiving others. It’s not only that you are deceived, but it causes sorrow, because you find that you don’t have. So, accumulate and then give. I think that Baba is talking more in a spiritual way. It’s so interesting that it’s not my wealth, it’s Baba’s, I am a trustee. If even that much awareness is there, and you are spending like a trustee, Baba guarantees that you will have more and more savings and you will be able to use it in a worthwhile way. I always have very amazing experiences. Of course, Baba is using the body as an instrument. I’m always happy about it. Money, whatever way it comes and is spent, be very happy about it.

Om Shanti

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