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Be Plain in Your Awareness, Words and Action #10

Transformation_of_Old_Sanskars_10 Mohini_Didi November 10, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Lots of love from Shantivan! Big Baba’s Garden or it's Baba's town, land of peace or town of peace or garden of peace. It’s vast here, unlimited everything. Now it's a little bit quieter because the group that came for Baba, they have left, and another group is arriving. Many double foreigners are also coming. It's very beautiful here. Baba wants us to be very clean and valuable like a flawless diamond. He cannot see that children or his diamonds have any flaws, that is why He is drawing our attention to not having any force in our words. Someone makes a mistake, and if our response is a mistake, it doesn't improve the situation. Baba gives you a new device for service, and that is sweet attitudes, sweet drishti, sweet words. We talked a lot about Mansa Seva. Before we never talked that much, now we should think more about what Baba said today. Our attitude and our words are not only for service, but will also change our sanskars. The homework we did the whole day was beautiful. The transformation we may not see the same day, but we have definitely worked on ourselves to be a detached observer. I mentioned yesterday that you have to see, you have to hear, but seeing is when you use the eye of knowledge to see everything based on knowledge. Like scenes of Drama, tests, Drama is Drama, past is past. From detached observer, we move on to plain attitude, plain words, and plain actions. Quite an amazing topic. What is plain awareness? Our pure awareness is soul consciousness. I am soul, I am pure, I am peaceful, I am loveful, my eternal stage is pure awareness. Then there are sanskars of body consciousness. The sanskars are an accumulation of our own actions of body consciousness, so from from time to time there emerges the thoughts.

The word smriti is translated as awareness, but smriti is also memories. What do I think? What do I remember? So, what kind of thoughts emerge from the past? Whatever has happened, who said what, this happened. So, this doesn't keep our awareness very plain, it has dots, it has spots. So, how do we not allow retaining of awareness, things from the past, because when they are retained in awareness, it's not a plain, it's not clear, it's not clean. That is why there is a difference between what you plan and what happens, in practical. So, we all see some gap. The stage is elevated, thoughts are elevated, but sometimes our response is not accordingly. That's what we call a reaction. So, when there is clean and plain awareness, you will instantly know that that smriti is bringing what Baba calls samarthi. Samarthi could be power, ability, or capacity. So actually, that pure awareness, clean awareness, plain awareness, will keep enhancing, keep elevating our stage, our powers. We can know through the result that our ability is being sharpened. I'm feeling more power through awareness, through remembrance or it's the same. So, then we will have to keep the aim to keep this smriti, awareness, completely pure and clean. That means every movement is new, different, it's fresh, but it could get conditioned by the influence, I have to keep it pure. Only allow beautiful things, beautiful relationships, and understanding into your awareness. It is the same for words. Baba said today that words should be like you are showering flowers. I connect that lot with a detached observer. When we observe but do not detach, then our words can be ordinary words. Baba has been saying a lot about forceful words, because we think that by force you can make your point clear, but sometimes it works the other way around.

Plain actions, honesty, total honesty. Whatever I am doing in my relationship with others, in everything, just be very honest. When you are honest, it's so easy. The quality of honesty will bring or pull the gifts from nature, elements, whether it is matter or material, it will be showered on you. I am an instrument for Baba and I live a simple life, a disciplined life. That means my actions are plain, so constantly there will be cooperation. Our Dadi Prakashmani was an example for us as she was very truthful and honest. These are the qualities that create bhavna in others. They might not be visible, but they have a lot of strength. If we are instruments, which we all are, honesty is very important. I said this might be visible but visible in the way we live, the way we spend, just being a trustee. It's not for myself. Honesty also makes our actions very plain. I don't have to hide. I don't have to tell lies. I don't have to do anything wrong. That kind of honesty is what we call plain actions. It's not just saying that I am doing for Baba, using my time, my energy, all resources from Baba. After belonging to Baba, whatever I am receiving, I am being sustained with, or given for service, it's from Baba. It used to be an old account from here and there. Now whatever anyone gives is for Baba and when I use it, it's for Baba. One time, someone was offering a big house and I said that we don't need such a big house. That person said immediately that it's not for you, it's for Baba. So, those who give, they have to have the awareness that it’s for Baba. Those who use it, they also have to have awareness that this is Baba’s. If you are an instrument and because of that bhavna cooperation comes, I shouldn't have that subtle feeling, but rather it’s Baba who is doing it, Baba is the one who is making it happen. If we want success, we want to remain very light, we want every thought that has any planning or idea gets implemented, happens in practical, and for that we need plain awareness, plain words and also actions. So, we will reflect on that more, pay attention to our awareness, words, and also actions. I am sure working on this, taking it as our homework you'll definitely have many experiences and benefits.

Om Shanti


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