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Always Remain Busy In Service #04

Honest_Heart_4 Mohini _Didi December 4, 2022

Om Shanti!

You must be reflecting on yesterday’s Avyakti point, you will experience the company of Baba as Incorporeal, as subtle, and also in the corporeal. I am sure that you all had many good experiences. Baba is saying that a true server will also be a constant server. That means no wasteful thoughts, no wasteful conversations, no wasteful time without doing anything, or having such conversations that are not of benefit to anyone. Service means to serve, to bring benefit to others. So, how do we do that, to be a constant server, where I earn income not only for 21 births, but for the whole cycle? Until the end of the Confluence Age, I keep serving, then there is the new cycle. So the whole kalpa, I have to serve. Like time, you know it’s clockwise, it keeps changing. So, the same is if I am also a consistent server, that means to experiment with different qualities. Even for a few hours, just think, ‘I’m a peaceful soul.’ When you are aware of your peaceful nature, in that awareness you will receive, others will receive, and you will be able to share peaceful vibrations. We can do that with love or any quality, but also light and might, Baba’s love, Baba’s light and might. These are also very important qualities. So when you maintain these qualities, you serve through thoughts. We have conversations with others about knowledge, and that’s how knowledge, churning of knowledge, use of knowledge, changes knowledge into yoga, changes knowledge into dharna. So different changes will keep happening. It’s very important to watch our actions also, to have value of time, energy, everything.

So we have to be constant servers, life, breath, time, everything is consistent. So how can I also be a 24 hours server? So it’s important for all of us to reflect, because it’s a big unlimited family, unlimited Yagya. There is always a requirement to serve, but also the way Brahma Baba maintained the timetable like what time to do what. I find they were able to keep busy for the whole day. So we have to keep busy, no wasteful thoughts but keep very busy. So I think that we will have to reflect and see, am I able to serve constantly? Am I busy? When we are not busy, then a lot of wasteful thoughts come in the mind. Some people in the lokik world also have to serve for longer hours. So we should remain light and keep serving.

Om Shanti

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