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Always Bestows Blessings #29

Elevated_Self_Respect_29 Mohini Didi June 29, 2023

Om Shanti everyone!

Happy Sadguruvaar! Even if Baba uses the same words, he always makes different meanings. Like when we say Baba and Drama instead of only saying Drama, saying Baba and Drama will have different significance or attainment. So, as our homework, we can add that also. Whatever we are doing, first Baba, invoke Him, and then say Drama, then see the wonders of Baba, the magic of Baba. We had been doing our homework for the whole month, and that homework was for self-respect. Baba gave us for 30 days, everyday different self-respect. Baba tried to explain that by maintaining self-respect, how you benefit, what you attain, and what you become. Then when you are in self-respect, and looking at others also with that respect, because action definitely is the seed. We sow the seed, and we say that as you sow so you reap. When you are a soul with self-respect, then you look at others with that respect. Actually, you sow the seed. Just imagine the seed you have sown when it bears fruit, and you do it with all the souls. We see whatever age, whatever background, whatever they are but I look at the soul with a lot of respect because that soul is playing a beautiful part, an important part.

So, it's very interesting, the more I think about self-respect and the benefit for the self, it elevates our attitude, it elevates our drishti, even the words are elevated because you are in self-respect. When you lose self-respect and it's very low, then your mind is very confused, and you start thinking all kinds of weak thoughts. Now we know that, no, we have to immediately elevate our self-respect. The cause of having weak thoughts is lack of self-respect. Then you compare, then you feel you are not this, you are not given this, or I cannot do this. Today, Baba said in Murli that 40% there is wastage of thoughts. How much we can make if those 40% can be used in a worthwhile way, in an elevated way? Every thought is a seed.

So, the homework that Baba is giving us for tomorrow is to have the awareness that I am a great, pure soul, but my thoughts, words, and actions should be charitable. Compassion, love, even sometimes mercy, all that brings charitable thoughts like when you are having thoughts towards someone, it’s not only that it makes you charitable but with your charity, so many others will also become charitable. We are giving something at the right time to the right person. Giving is when you find that it will be used in a worthwhile way. There are certain things that you have, and you know that if you give them to the right person, it will be really used in a worthwhile way. Then the happiness that comes from that act, sharing gifts, definitely brings happiness, but there is something higher than that, charity. You must have seen even simple acts. There are so many sitting around and making notes, and someone doesn’t have a pen and you notice, and you have extra, so you share that. What does that bring? Happiness. It could be a simple act. Physically someone needs some kind of help, even giving a hand to a person who needs help, it’s like you appear as an angel to the person who needs a hand. So, Baba is saying charity in thoughts, charity in words, charity in actions, but first I have to have that awareness, then you will not have to think, it will happen. The result and the reward of that, Baba says that it is great. You get a lot of blessings from that. So, we take this homework for tomorrow, that I have to be a charitable soul. That’s the awareness or the tilak that Baba said He gives us every day.

Om Shanti


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