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Seated on the throne, wear crown and wear tilak #11

Become_a_Carefree_Emperor_11       Mohini_Didi                 March 11, 2024

Om Shanti!

Baba is looking at each one as a blossomed flower. Baba said, when a flower is blossomed it is loved by everyone. When it does not blossom, then it kind of corners itself. It's not Baba that does that. Baba always keeps all the children, the blossoming flowers very near, but then they themselves separate from Baba, far from the bouquet of flowers. Baba, in His eyes, the way He looks at us, if we could really look at ourselves like that. That must be one of the specialities of Dadi Gulzar, that she created the image of the way Baba looked at her. Sometimes, we see we have to be an embodiment, then we pay attention to knowledge and to the image of that knowledge, but then that is one of the ways, we call it dharna. Baba looks at us, and I think all Dadi’s, the way they look at themselves the way Baba looked at them. It’s a very beautiful method. Even as children, grandparents look at the children. You all are kings. So, then children have intoxication and they say, “Yes, this is what we are.” I think this is how Dadi Gulzar and all Dadis became whatever they were. They looked at themselves with Baba’s Drishti. 

So for today's homework, what is Baba’s Drishti on me? How should I become that embodiment? Baba sees us as kings, emperors. The whole month we had been talking and Baba had been sharing to become a king, proud, from the land free from sorrow, and become carefree kings. In our awareness, and in our consciousness, yes we were doing that. Baba wants us to demonstrate this in practical. For that, Baba says that first of all, be seated on the throne. This is for anyone, a real king or even if you have to play the part of a king, you will sit on the throne, and then you are given the crown. After decorating you with the crown, then we put tilak in the center of the forehead. This kind of ceremony makes you complete as king. Then you have to give up the habit of laboring. Don’t visibly be a laborer, never engage yourself in breaking the rock of problems with the hammer of waste thoughts. Baba says now to stop this form of labor and become emperor of the land without sorrow. Then the world’s problems will not exist for you, nor will you have to spend time again and again solving the problems. Baba says that these old sanskars of yours will become your servants and they will not attack. So be an emperor, be seated on the throne, wear your crown and Baba says, also put your tilak on the forehead. Did you do that? How you look, how do you feel, are you a king? You don't have a hammer in your hand, do you? Once you have a hammer in your hand, that means wasteful thoughts, and you will not look like an emperor. Then enjoy holding this beautiful image of yourself as emperor, as king, complete with your throne, crown, and tilak.

Om Shanti 

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