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Change in one second #27

Updated: Apr 29

Harmonizing_Sanskars_27                    Mohini_Didi                        April 27, 2024   

Om Shanti!

We read Avyakt Murli on Sunday, then the whole week, a little part of the Murli is revised. We are also revising Murlis from 1969. In January, when we thought we should do something different, I thought I really wanted to hear what Baba said in 1969 when he became Avyakt. It was about the yagya systems, about how Murli will be read, a lot of things Baba had said, because we all had so many thoughts. Baba will only come in Madhuban, messenger, in-charge, about Baba’s box, Baba made everything very clear. There was a time Baba used to give us envelopes which they still do, because they feel it’s auspicious, but our duty then is to immediately put it in Baba’s box, because it’s for yagya. Nobody thinks that because I got it, it’s mine. So, many things Baba clarified and so we thought let’s revise. 

So, Baba said to become an example or become a sample. Brahma Baba always used to say, or he says in the Murli, that when a busy businessman has to go, he travels and wants to sell the product, so he will take the best sample in his briefcase to show that product to sell. I remember when we were young, we were so fascinated, like “Oh I should be the one he should be carrying so that he can show.” So, many times Baba used to say, “Child you always have to be a piece of product to be put in the showcase in front window. They have shops and in the front window they have the best displays.” Baba also used to tell us that one day you all will be in the showcase of the world.  It’s so interesting how to be an example, because I have to follow the Father. It’s not like I don’t look at my seniors, or even my brothers, sisters, learning has to be from all over. There are even a lot of things we learn from younger ones. We cannot say I only learn from the Dadis. If we have you nature of learning, you always learn good things, not kind of ego or stubbornness, like ‘I know everything so there is no need to learn’. Some people block their learning and so they do not progress. When I was in India, there were many sisters who are almost my age, and they come twice a year. So they are in their 80s, and so everyone is not necessarily acquainted with the present time, whether it is IT or a lot of things. Luckily, I know a little bit of everything, but they didn’t. So when something came up, their glory, their self-respect, not only that but trusting, respecting others also, that we learn from each other. It’s not only that you learn from me, but we learn from each other. So, then you become an example or sample, because you have taken qualities, you have taken information, you have learned a lot of things. Even from the present modern age, because we are living in this time, we need to learn a little bit of these things. 

So, a sample is an example of wholeness. Everything is within that sample, whether it is how to speak, how you walk, your routine, the way you wear clothes, Baba’s uniform we have been given. So, a sample has to have all expertise, all qualities, all qualifications, and everything. Baba is also giving us Avyakti signals that are very interesting. Dadi Gulzar always used to say that when something happens, sometimes some argument, whatever, then that matter happened for three to five minutes. That matter is very sensible, it happens, and it leaves. So what do you do? You hold it so tight, you keep thinking and allow your stage to go down, allowing your yoga to be disturbed. I never forgot when she said that. Then there is something that came in Murli, ya baat man mein, ya Baap man mein. Either Baba is in your mind or it is the matter, the situation. Whenever a thought comes to mind, I always ask my mind if you want Baba, or you want the situation. The situation bothers you, makes you worried, aggravates, then anger comes, a lot of things could come connected with the situation. When I say ‘Baba’, Baba knows, Baba will help, Baba will give me power. Baba will somewhere protect me wherever I need. So, I always say baat man mein ya Baap man mein. This is a very interesting point, and what it requires is transformation within a second.  Baba says that whatever situation comes in front of you, always have the aim that it should change in one second. If you let it go and make it go, sometimes it doesn’t go, it should be let go. Baba said that whatever sanskar and nature there may be, let it change and become divine. Let there not be any old sanskars or old habits. Baba said that many will be content with your transformation. Everyone will notice that before my response was like this, my reaction, but now it is different, so I have grown, I have learned. Always have the aim to let no one experience any sorrow through my behavior. That attention is very important. So, we will practice this and internally remain very light. 

Om Shanti

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