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Let the fire of yoga intensify #29

Harmonizing_Sanskars_29                       Mohini_Didi                        April 29, 2024 

Om Shanti!

I think it's been almost 20 years or more since we began ‘Call of the Time’. It was in Manhattan, and when Dadi Janki came, she said to invite a few of the contact souls. We discussed with them that we wanted to do a program where we can invite leaders and different kinds of important people, and we can have a dialogue. We had never done dialogues, we have done retreats, but this is a format of small groups of eight or ten. This program called the ‘Call of the Time’ started then, and it has been continuing ever since. In Peace Village, we have two ‘Call of Time programs’. One is a silence retreat, and another is a dialogue. I think one is happening in June and one is later. We continue with that here, but it's happening worldwide. Many countries, I think South Africa, Mauritius and some other countries are also doing it. When I hear the words ‘call of time’, I think that time is very unlimited, but also very limited. It could be what I need to do at this time, but what am I responding to at this moment? It could be in general, so when you think about it, what is your calling for? I would definitely say to ignite the fire, ignite the flame, that’s the call, so that all the obstacles in the subtle form or in a physical form, they can be burnt. A lot of time and energy goes into removing obstacles, but they can be burnt. The seed of all of that is your thought. There are beautiful experiences in Call of the Time because everyone has different experiences. In a dialogue, one of the principles is that you don't respond to someone. It's like someone saying it and you think and then you say something. You just listen and you say what is your calling from inside. It's very interesting because it’s a habit that we listen to someone and our thoughts are based on what I'm listening to, but if you want to listen to your inner self, your heart, then you have to listen to yourself. It's different than responding, and that's what they call real dialogue. That means I'm just saying what I feel. 

So, it’s a very interesting topic, and Baba is telling each one of us to think about it. We are lucky that versions of Baba, teachings of Baba are revised regularly. We have to see, is it what Baba is saying, or is it what I am saying? Is it the same? I had been definitely feeling that we all need more fire of yoga. Baba is saying that in the memorial of the Godesses it is shown that the devils were burned with fire. They were not the devils, but the devilish powers that were burnt. They are very subtle, but they are really present. Baba says that this is a memorial of the present time. Now let the fire of yoga intensify in such a way the devilish, iron aged sanskars burn away, and only then will the dance of harmonising of sanskars take place, and the new world will come. I think we are waiting for that new world, but Baba is also saying that it is up to us. I noticed this weekend that everyone was very happy and I was saying because all those nivasis who are here, they are happy. As much percentage as they are happy, that is spreading, right? Then everyone was saying that yes we are lighter than before. So all the world is created, and we know now that whatever we experience, our state of mind is what we create. So we create the world like that.

Om Shanti 


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