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Service makes you fly #25

Updated: Apr 1

Become_a_Carefree_Emperor_25              Mohini_Didi                 March 25, 2024

Om Shanti!

What is the definition of service? Service first is to share knowledge. Knowledge can be shared by speaking, but then knowledge can also be shared by our practical life, by our nature, by our interactions with others. That is why, Baba says that service is through thoughts, words, and actions. Yes, people do get impressed if you give a good talk and they do respect you because of that, but then if your nature is controlling or your nature is forceful, they distance themselves from you and they're not happy with that service. So we should always remind ourselves what service is. Why? We have to do service to bring transformation, to make ourselves worship worthy souls. So, what Baba wants to see is that when we are serving, there should be contentment, and service should be free from obstacles. We should be happy, and not only that I am happy. Some are ambitious, they think they should be happy, there should be expansion, but we should see that as Baba’s service, so others should also have contentment. That is why Baba is giving us signals and Baba is giving us homework. Baba is saying that service makes you fly. It should be like that. Service should make you fly, service makes you into the emperors of the land without sorrow. Carefree emperors, the emperors without sorrow, after whom success itself comes. You are souls who are an embodiment of happiness, the children of the Bestower of Happiness, the Ocean of Happiness. Always maintain this awareness. There are some places where everyone has a different temperament, but we have to remember, we have to be an embodiment of happiness. I need to experience happiness. I need to see everyone else is happy. You come to know by having interactions with others that whatever service they're doing, there is contentment, there is happiness. No one should really be upset or disturbed with you, because if there is constant service, your stage should not be shaken. Baba says that you are children of the Ocean of Happiness. You are the emperors of the land free from sorrow. So keep reminding yourself, what you have to become and what you are. We have to keep reminding ourselves all the time, am I causing disturbance? Is my stage shaken? Am I in remembrance of Baba or not? It is very important, the most important service and success can come if you are in remembrance of  Baba, and if you are truthful, honest, and obedient. If you have these qualities, then automatically your service will never disturb or upset anyone. If you have a particular nature from all over, your complaint will be of the same sanskars, but with some, there are never complaints because they are lovely, they are sweet, they are not forceful. There are many who are cooperative with each other, and if somebody complains about you, you have to believe it. Don't say, “No, they just do it in their nature.” We should look at our nature. Some people have such a nature that they remain disturbed, and others also disturb them. Ok, so be careful.

Om Shanti


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