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The Stage of happiness #12

Updated: Apr 1

Become_a_Carefree_Emperor_12            Mohini_DIdi               March 12, 2024

Om Shanti! 

For a few days, we have been looking for understanding, and to be present in the land which is free from sorrow. If you listen to today's avyakt signal, Baba is saying that the Confluence Age is the age which is the Land free from sorrow. Now there is the Confluence Age, that is between the end of Kaliyug and the beginning of the Golden Age. Then to have that awareness and to have that remembrance, the feeling that I am at the Confluence Age. Do we remember all the time that we are at the Confluence Age? Now again Baba is saying that there shouldn’t be any sorrow in your thoughts. That is why at present time we should keep attention that nothing causes sorrow. Even if there is a situation that could be serious, if you pay attention at the present time, it’s okay, it will be alright. Any event, you should take it in a positive way. So that while the situation is happening, the soul has this thought that I have to take happiness. The memories that we have will be the memories of happiness. Our learning, our joy, even externally the situation might be very serious, but what I took from that situation could be very light. So that when I think back about the situation, I should be very light. So, Baba wants us to do this homework, to take every situation in such a way, that when you think about that, you feel happy. Baba is saying that our stage, our image, should be of happiness. 

To be a soul who has the right to be a Confluence Aged Brahmin, who has the right to the Confluence aged Brahmin world. Confluence aged Brahmin world means to be those who are emperors of the land without sorrow. Let there not be any sorrow or any waves of sorrow, even in your thoughts. Baba says that the emperors of the land without sorrow always experience yourselves to be in the land of happiness, in the world of happiness, because nothing is lacking in the treasure store of Brahmins. Lack of attainment is the cause of sorrow, and attainment is happiness. Baba says to be an embodiment of attainment means to be on the stage of happiness. Baba calls it waves of sorrow because when sorrow comes, it brings a lot of thoughts like waves. Waves in the ocean come like thoughts. Suddenly a thought could come about missing a relationship. Like some souls suddenly say, “Oh, my parents didn’t love me” , but why are you thinking about that now? Something just touches them and they really feel sorrow. Then we explain to them that it’s not true, but they get really merged in that ocean of sorrow. So how to make everything in life, especially belonging to Baba, there should be the thought of all attainments; mind, body, wealth, resources, and relationships. So think about it. I think the homework that Baba gives, you have to connect it with your life and see how you feel about it. So all the attainments. What are those attainments and how do they bring joy and happiness? All that has to be reflected.

Om Shanti


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