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Right to the kingdom of the land without sorrow #16

Become_a_Carefree_Emperor_16                 Mohini_Didi           March 16, 2024

Om Shanti!

Baba is wonderful, Drama is wonderful, our part is also wonderful. Baba wants all of us to reach a stage that does not fluctuate, that is stable, steady, and consistent. Now if I want to always be happy, I have to become free from sorrow, I have to become free from disappointment, I have to be free from being discouraged. Actually, what Baba is saying is that we should be free from fluctuation, my stage should be consistent. As soon as I keep the aim that I have to keep my stage consistent and stable and steady, that means I have to pass through all situations happily, there is no sorrow. Not only that, but Baba keeps reminding us to never question why things happen. Baba says that as soon as you say the word ‘why’, in Hindi why means 'kyun ', that means it creates a long queue of thoughts. So when you have a long queue of thoughts then you fluctuate. So, I was thinking that Baba’s aim for all of us is to remain very stable. Otherwise, there is a habit, our moods also fluctuate,there is enthusiasm, then one day I say that I’m not going to do that. You like something to do, then you are discouraged, then you say I’m not going to do it. So getting discouraged, getting disappointed, all that is happening because you’re not consistent, you’re not steady. Baba says to be free from the land of sorrow. He means that whatever the situation is, you remain very stable. So you can take it like being free from sorrow is, in other words, being happy. I think that very few will raise their hands when Baba asks us if we are constantly free from sorrow. Yes, how many of you are free from sorrow? How many of you are always happy? That might be easier, right? So, Baba is saying we have to have the right to the kingdom of land without sorrow. The greatest emperors are the carefree emperors and the greatest kingdom of all kingdoms is the land without sorrow. In front of those who have rights to the kingdom of land without sorrow, the kingdom of this world is nothing. Having the right to this kingdom of the land without sorrow is extremely elevated. It is a kingdom that gives you happiness, and it is without any sorrow. So always maintain this spiritual intoxication that you are emperors of the land without sorrow, do not come down. So you reach a point where you are free from sorrow. 

Om Shanti


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