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Reflection Has The Power To Influence #28

Become_an_Avyakt_Angel_28 Mohini_Didi April 28, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Baba makes everything very simple. Just change the consciousness from ‘I’ of body consciousness to ‘I’ of elevated soul. One very important sign of body consciousness is that the soul fluctuates a lot, mood will fluctuate and very subtle frustration and anger come because it’s very subtly accumulating many things. I observed that my mind is very silent. All the thoughts which come in mind are of the past or future. Staying at present is only possible if I have total trust. It was drama, whatever happened in the past had to happen and was accurate. Then there is no subtle fear or wasteful thoughts about what will happen in future. If you really have soul consciousness and yoga with Baba then you are present every moment so whatever you think or say will also be very pure, there won’t be traces from the past. I won’t look at someone and what they did in the past. It won’t come in my attitude.

Today we observed a day of silence. Silence is no effort, thinking is effort. With thinking, you have to do something. Silence is natural, but for that you have to be a detached observer. Internally just pay attention, every time I sit quietly what am I thinking? Do I need to think all the time? Sometimes yes, we think, sometimes it’s deep silence. It has to do with a connection with purity. As much as the soul is becoming pure, that much there is natural silence. All concerns and worries are completely useless, they can never help us. Moreover, when I am in silence with Baba, bigger powers than me take care of things: power of Baba, power of nature, cooperation of all the souls, all the blessings which I have received, everything makes things work.

We need 100% trust. Everyone must be reaching this essence in the self that it is not by my thinking that everything happens. Each one of us is a very small actor in an unlimited drama. It’s quite an unlimited drama where we have Baba, the five elements, nature, all the pure souls and my accumulation of elevated thoughts of blessings. As much as you are moving towards that stage of silence that is your stage of completion. What is complete? Of course, 16 celestial degrees, completely viceless, all virtues, maryada purushottam. Today the signal that Baba gave is the example of the moon. In a cycle there is a new moon and there is a full moon. Wherever the full moon is around it attracts because it spreads the light and illuminates quite a lot around. That's what Baba is saying, when you are complete there is attraction.

What is being complete, in thoughts, words and actions? Baba says perfect means purity, love, peace, all these natural qualities are there. What if my thoughts were peaceful, but a little bit upset about something? By the end you find there was nothing there to be disturbed about, you make a big thing and then you ask, “Why was I doing that?” Look at Baba and remain seated on your seat of self respect and that is where the purity and soul consciousness is connected with your thoughts. Your mind is the same as words, less words are always powerful but if you keep talking, most people don’t even get what you are talking about. If you are not clear in what you are saying, this shows internally somewhere there’s a disturbance. They say ‘complete and perfect’. ‘Complete 'is called ‘sampaan’, I have everything within me. Complete is simple but we forget. I am love full means just full of love. This is what we are as souls. That is soul consciousness then there is joy, supersensuous joy, closeness to Baba as we are serving. Our aim is to serve, then we all have to be full, we have to be complete.

Perfection is when you are in your actions, activity and relationships. We wake up in the morning, do amrit vela, listen to the murli then get into action which is necessary because you have a home, you need food, a job, but how do we perform that? I remember Dadi Prakashmani when Baba left and put his hand in her hand. It was such a big Yagya. Most of the things she knew but there were some things she didn’t because she used to live in Bombay. She decided at 3 o’clock in the morning, when she woke up and said, “Baba, you and I will take care of Yagya”. That was a powerful slogan. She said that thought helped her to understand what her responsibility was, plus maintain lightness. a few days ago there was an avyakti signal to give all the burden of responsibility to Baba. I do that and find amazingly we do it very well because if there is a burden then there is tension then there is no comfort, there is no internal joy. Worry comes when I think it’s my task. It’s Baba’s task, we are instruments, as instruments we have to be what Baba wants us to be and that is complete and perfect.

Keep increasing your degrees of purity by erasing. Some things you have to erase, something you have to forget, and something you have to merge. Use all the powers. If I need to adjust, need to tolerate or need to merge, that makes us perfect. Yesterday Baba’s Bhog message was about a fully blossomed flower that attracts. When you see anyone, what will you see first? You see the face of a person. Baba says we have to glorify with your face ‘Chera and Chalan’ and your interactions with others. Baba says as we are attracted by the full moon then everyone will be attracted by us also with complete degrees. It’s not difficult, it’s just thinking and paying attention and then keep becoming that. The whole day, a few times, keep practicing coming on the stage as a complete and perfect soul.

Om Shanti

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