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Practically Come In The Front As The Brave and Powerful Ones #25

Determined_Thought_25 Mohini_Didi February 25, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Okay, everyone is well. Did you notice any change around me and you? We have Shiv Baba, but Brahma Baba said, “Why shouldn't I be part of Avyakti Parivar?” So today, somebody came and brought Brahma Baba and said, “Oh you need to have Brahma Baba here.” So you see Baba and Lekh Baba also present with us. Someone wanted to give a beautiful painting, the way we have it in the New York Avyakti room, but we said, “How will we bring it there?” So it's the love of Baba's children. Sometimes we like the message, we like Baba, but we don't want to reveal it. The majority will say, “Oh, I want to remain incognito. So what happens when you reveal yourself, and Baba says to come out in the field? For that, you need to be brave. We look at Brahma Baba, there were so many oppositions, challenges, threats, and they treated him like an outcast. He never felt anything. I never heard a story where Baba was a little scared or felt threatened, fearful. He knew it is very important that purity is the main principle to form the Yagya, and Baba has to speak about it. So within the family, many emerged and became Baba's helpers, and there were many who also became very against. Baba used to know internally it's not his message, it's Baba's message. Sometimes Baba used to be very strong when he called vices poisons, and a snake, all very strong words. He said it and then when people came, some of the friends would say, “Baba, your message is very good, it really gives us a good experience, only stop talking about purity.” I remember one time Jagdish bhai and myself both came to Baba, we were in delhi, and there was a political situation in India where when you made certain comments about the country or any issue, you had the possibility of being arrested. We asked, “Baba, can we say things, but not in these words?” He said,”Children, bring them here to me, and tell them we are not saying it, it's our Baba, and if they say where He is, you bring them here. So, he was brave, right?

Baba was never like that, it's like we try to sugarcoat in gyan, because we feel they might feel bad. Even Christ, in the beginning of course, he was not known but when his healing powers, when his message and the words start passing, many start following. That's where people felt challenged. The same happens to Baba's children. From time to time there are challenges, but look at Momma, how brave she was. She did not want to take the oath. She said, “I cannot take an oath by holding the Gita” The lawyers and judge were so upset, “What else will you do? She said, “I don't see God as omnipresent.” There are certain very good stories in the beginning, the early fifties, when they started sharing the message in India after the partition. Some of them didn't know proper Hindi, so some of the words they would say would make the public very upset. Then we used to explain that that's not what I meant, but some people made it like a very political issue. I remember one or two cases were so bad that they put all the luggage in the truck, when they came from the lecture there was no luggage in the house, because they wanted Brahma Kumaris to leave a lot of opposition. Baba is saying that there has to be revelation and revelation is of the truth.

I remember that Brij Mohan bhai contacted some people and said, “I want to do a program about the sermonizer of the Gita.” A lot of people said, “You have such a good image. People love you, but once you touch this topic, there will be a lot of opposition. Even now there are some people saying that your leaders are not Hindus and that hindu is not a religion. Of course, we have to explain that sanatan dharam, everyone is saying that sanatan is ancient and universal. We say that not only sanatan or ancient but we also say deity. Sanatan, adi sanatan, devi devta dharm. Most ancient of the beginning Adi, sanatan, ancient devi devta dharm. So we actually are giving sanatan dharm a proper title. There are so many points we raise. Like the point of Sri Krishna not being the God of Gita because we want everyone to have yoga of the intellect with Baba. Also because you have to have connection with the deity religion. Sri Krishna won't make deities, it is God who comes and gives us knowledge. When we inculcate knowledge and divine virtues, that is when we become deities, gods, and goddesses. So, have that self respect and total understanding.

So, one revelation is having proper knowledge and sharing knowledge, and second is to never lose patience and sweetness. A lot of people who are in opposition will say things that could upset you, but you remain quiet, remain very cheerful in self respect, and ultimately, they bow. There is one sister, her voice is very gentle, she never raises her voice. So a person was very angry and abusive, and went on and on for one hour. She keep giving short answers, explaining clearly what Baba tells us, and ultimately, he said “Oh, I now have to accept your invitation to come to Baba's home, then to Madhuban.” He said that she had so much patience, so much sweetness, that ultimately she convinced me. Some of us are ready for 10 or 5 minutes, we listen, we answer, and then say that this person is not, and we react. When you react, that means that you spoiled the whole thing. If someone threatens you, you should never feel scared. There are always certain right ways to deal with those challenges. Whatever our principles are, others try to make us do things that are not our principles, but are we going to do it? No.

So, Baba is saying that we have to reveal Baba. If you have any weaknesses, you have to remove them, be brave, be strong, and stable. Once you are speaking the message, you have to have virtues. I have God's knowledge, and I just get upset about who will believe this. I am a child of the Ocean of Peace. For every little thing, if you lose peace, react, you can't reveal Baba. Baba said that not everyone has to answer criticism. You just tell a true story, and do not respond to what others say. I learned this from Baba. So internally, our determination is to reveal Baba through our stage. How many of you are brave? Let me see hands. So very soon we will be able to reveal Baba. Both things will happen, victory will happen, and at the same time, some of the threats, challenges will happen. Always remember that Baba is with us, victory is with us.

Om Shanti


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