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One kingdom and one religion #2

Harmonizing_Sanskars_2                     Mohini_Didi                     April 2, 2024

Om Shanti!

When I heard the word ‘one kingdom’, I called it God’s kingdom, because we say that God establishes a kingdom, so it is called God’s kingdom. What He establishes is a divine kingdom. At the Confluence Age, it is God’s KIngdom. When we say God’s Kingdom that means our nature, our virtues, our tasks, our powers, everything is like God. It’s a Godly family, God’s children, brothers and sisters. So the love we have for each other is a spiritual love. Then when it comes to religion, we always say ‘Gods & Goddesses’. That means that all are divine beings, and that is called the divine kingdom in the Golden age. Baba wants all of us to keep this aim that there is no division. It’s one kingdom. Even within one kingdom there might be many kingdoms, but it is all under one. When the yagya came to Mt.Abu, after a little while, some of the departments were created. I still remember that one was the kitchen. It was a big thing, and at that time brother Surya came, I don’t know the full story of how it began but he was in charge or coordinator of kitchen in Pandav Bhavan.Then he came to Gyan Sarovar, and then he came to Shantivan. They still have only one person as the main person. Of course there are many in all different places, so we used to wonder why the same person was holding the duty and responsibility of the department everywhere. That is why Gyan Sarovar, Pandav Bhavan, Shantivan, all the places are called Madhuban. They don’t say Pandav Bhavan in Madhuban. Madhuban is Madhuban. So that oneness began from the very beginning and continues until now. So, Baba is saying that it is one kingdom and one religion. 

At present, you have to surrender yourselves to the flame to such an extent that the words ‘this is my sanskar, this is my nature’ finishes. When each one’s sanskar is transformed then you all will have avyakt features. Baba is saying that when you meet someone, you greet one another by shaking hands. Baba says that here it is the meeting of sanskars. When everyone’s sanskars become similar, the world of one kingdom and one religion will come. Today there are so many divisions, so many conflicts, and those conflicts are of sanskars, but if there is oneness in sanskars, like you are becoming avyakt, there won’t be any division. People would say it’s the family of the avyakt, the family of angels. So it is very interesting that we all reflect on that, why it is important for us to have similar sanskars. What Baba is creating is one kingdom and one religion. That will help us to make our sanskars similar to Baba and to each other, Godly and divine, one religion and one kingdom.

Om Shanti


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