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Merciful Bestower- Natural nature #28

Merciful_Bestower_28 Mohini_Didi October 28, 2022

Om Shanti everyone!

To have such a teacher, and also Satguru Baba, we are very fortunate. This morning, Baba said, “Baba is making us worthy children.” Worth is value. Every soul is the worth of that soul, the value of that soul is based on as much we inculcate. What Baba is asking us to do? Now Baba wants us to be servers for 24 hours. Consistent servers. It should be natural, because every thought creates some ripples, some vibrations. If I am internally in a stage of soul-consciousness or love-full, peaceful, I don’t feel like I’m serving. If I remember I’m serving all the time, I think that would make us happy. Whatever attributes I have, service is happening. Once Dadi Janki decided that we wanted something in Florida. She kept saying “I want to go to Miami,” I said okay. There were two couples, Dadi, myself. They rented a place where we stayed. Dadi said “wherever Baba’s children put their step, wherever their foot is, there’s always something big that has to happen.” It’s not we are doing it, just being there. Maybe after one year, we were able to start a center. Dadi was always ready to travel with her bags. Always. Wherever I will mention the name, “I want to go”. One time we planned to go to 10 states in 11 days, because she had this deep faith that wherever we go, there are some souls who are fortunate and their fortune will be awakened. Internally, have this trust. Why am I here? Why am I going there? All the time, wherever you are, some service is happening. Before yes, let’s sit and do mansa seva. Think about the soul, or give them power. Now, just be in your powerful, stable stage. Whatever stage you are, you are serving. Of course, definitely through thoughts and vibrations and then even simple things will be very profound and some service will happen. Whatever actions you do, karma yoga, it could be something very simple, but it’s serving. Each one of us are images of that service. Consistent means nighttime also. Internally I have the thought that I am at Baba’s service. I am only in Godly service. I belong to Baba. Remembrance and service will be natural and also consistent.

Merciful and bestower are big dharna, right? Always heart full of love, which we experienced shared by Dadis. Brahma Baba, when the season had to begin, would engage himself so much.“Everything should be clean, everything should be prepared, my children coming from kingdom of Ravan, they are coming on vacation, so I have to feed them, I have to take care.” That’s what Baba said, “I have you souls whom I have to serve”. I think service is in our heart. I feel that even if you keep a good stage, you are serving. Whether during the day, or during night. Baba says that our hearts should be full of love, it should be selfless love, there should be constant sympathy. Even drishti of sympathy, words of sympathy, can help the soul for them to be free from their sorrows. If I say they’re always like that, no. Sympathy. Baba uses the words, “cooperation of the whole world”. That’s a big thing, cooperation of the whole world. That is when you all have harmony of your ideas and in your teamwork Harmony and sympathy are important qualities. I find that harmony should be natural if you respect and if you love. I like when there are people who give their own ideas because then you have so many ideas. Sometimes you run out of ideas. I always like to ask people what they think, what they feel, and I feel happy to listen to them and feel that okay, we can do it together.

Baba says, “natural nature” of altruistic love. Always remember that whatever you’re doing, it’s only Baba who gives you the reward. For me in my life, no matter what souls say or do, I have to do what I have to do, because I am serving yagya. I am at Baba’s service, not anyone’s else’s. So many different obstacles come, it could be one’ own nature, someone else’s nature, sanskars, ways, but we have to pass through all that. Even if you’re on the road, so many scenes of drama happen. Once in New York, someone was driving me and was kind of new here. I said to this sister, “you’re not scared because there are so many,” she said, “you have to just focus straight and drive.” Not to look here and there. I like to stay focused. This is what I am and I will continue to do. I am kind, and I will remain kind. Sympathy, yes. I always feel our register is with Baba. I have to just see what Baba wants, what is Baba’s shrimat, what is the way He wants us to be. He wants us to be loving. As soon as we share love-full drishti, a big transformation could happen. There was tradition in the beginning, quite a good drishti when we first met. So many good thoughts are in this avyakt signal which we need to churn, each word for reflection, and then, it should be our natural nature. I like these words, natural nature should be of love.

Om Shanti.

Question and Answer

Question: I could really feel the natural nature of altruistic love from you. I can’t imagine what it was like when you first came to the United States and wherever you set foot, to trust and have that faith that Baba’s service would expand. I’m wondering if you could share a particular story that could help us to understand how important it is to be clean and clear. A clean heart, and a clear mind.

Mohini Didi: Not only clean heart and clean mind, but also clear eyes. When I came to New York, we had a small apartment. Sometimes good people will come. One time someone asked why do you all have very clear eyes? I said that means there is that love and purity and clean heart reflecting through the eyes. He said “I’ve never seen such clear eyes.” So then my attention went to that. Baba talks about drishti, that your vision should be pure towards everyone. Whenever we look at anyone, whether we know that person or not, we just have this very loving nature of looking at that soul with a lot of love. As a soul, or as God’s child, I think that he was talking about a clean heart. Both are not visible - mind and heart, but through eyes they can feel that. Many times I have noticed, a lot of service could happen through our eyes. I have traveled to many countries. One place I landed and they were receiving me, it was a Spanish country, and this person kept looking at me. Then he said whatever experience he was having. When we returned after a few days, he again came to see. He said, “My life has changed, I got blessings”, I didn’t do anything. That is why if we make it our natural nature, then everyone we will serve in a natural way. Through our smile, our drishti, and also our forehead is very clear. Before knowledge, we would cover half of the forehead with our hair. It was a fashion. Our forehead is clear. It’s shining all the time. Our eyes are shining, our forehead is shining, no one can match our smile. People can laugh, have beautiful smiles, but not the way we smile because it’s coming from inner trust, attainments and love. It’s not an ordinary smile. That’s why we have to be careful also because we are attractive. We will always be attractive. We are like satyam shivam Sundaram. There’s always this beauty, but the vibrations of beauty, remembrance, keeps us protected all the time. That is why these days lokik people go to Shantivan. They feel such powerful energy, they can’t believe it. That's why they say it’s really heaven, like paradise. I think many beautiful things are clean, clear, and pure.

Question: I really would like to be consistent in this effort of being clear and clean. I’m remembering Brahma Baba, he became liberated in 33 years. Liberated from bondages and of course our homework today was asking why in drama, why am I here, rather than what opportunities are here. I’ve been with Baba for 37 years, and I have not become liberated and not to be discouraged, but to be inspired. When I hear you speaking and in such a natural way, I find it easy. When I sit in meditation with Baba, I think to myself yes, no problem. However, when I go out and start with my service, I see the little trappings and questioning, and yes I sort it out, but why does it take time? How can we ask the right questions that bring us into essence rather than these queues of questions? How can I make a leap?

Mohini Didi: I think you are liberated. You are liberated, but you are internally completely free. I don’t think you have desires or traces, but sometimes subtly, the way we respond to external situations, become dharna based responses, in the sense of whatever way anyone is asking, I’m still very peaceful, love-full, listening to that soul. Just a little bit of attention on our responses can help you to have self-trust. Yes, I am liberated. Sometimes those responses are a little bit mixed with reaction in the sense that we are responding to the feelings of another person. We have to go above the feelings. I have to maintain my feelings of love, sympathy, and bestower, not go by the feelings of other people. Let’s say one person comes in not feeling comfortable. Once you notice it, you will respond with that little bit of adulteration. Instead observe it and do or say what is right, in the right way. This reaction which happens through the feelings is very subtle. Let's say somebody is looking around and not concentrating or focusing, now it is subtly disturbing the soul. He’s not listening, he’s not focused. Instead, we stay focused and say things in a way that helps the soul to be focused. I think a little more attention on the right way to respond to a person, situation, or vibrations, can give you more confidence to say I am liberated and reach that stage because Baba is helping us to reach that stage.

Question: You want to help others like you said, and I have that altruistic aim, but I’m feeling that I shouldn’t want to change others. What I see is that I’ll get caught up in thinking that I can change this person or help this person, but it just makes me more affected.

Mohini Didi: Baba says to be a bestower. He doesn’t say change others. They will take whatever they can take, we just have to bestow. Keep the aim. I think the expectations which are not fulfilled sometimes disturbs the mind or little attachment somewhere starts. I think be an observer, be detached, and be a bestower. At least you love the soul, you are bestowing to the soul, but don’t keep the chart of anyone else. Let them keep their own chart. I shouldn’t keep their chart. Their chart in the sense of, “oh they’re not doing well, she got like this, again she became like that”, that’s keeping someone else’s chart. You just keep your own chart, focus there, all the time just be pleasant, friendly, loving. That’s what we have to do, just keep bestowing. That’s what Brahma Baba did, he did whatever has to be done, that’s it. There were many who left, there were many who didn’t become who he thought they would become, but it didn’t worry him, he didn’t have wasteful thoughts. It’s a very good point you’re bringing because we all have done that. We realize with time that we shouldn’t think about that. Just be a bestower and move forward. Many will come along and some might not, everyone has different power, different capacity. I am not going to leave anyone. If Baba is taking everyone with him, we also will keep in our mind we all will go together. Shiv Baba beautifully said, when you keep your brain empty, you can experience Baba as a Companion. Our brain is full. We have to do this, plan this. We feel good when the brain is full because otherwise where will the brain go? We don’t realize that when the brain is empty, then Baba will be your Companion. Keeping our mind and intellect engaged is our habit and we want them to be engaged because otherwise we feel, what am I doing? It’s going somewhere else. Tomorrow maybe we will look into that and experience, and I’m sure you all will have a good experience of Baba as Companion, your head is empty. It's a very interesting point.

Question: Just on creating a clean mind, sometimes in this game of inquiry, we ask questions, the right questions that are going deeper into gyan that bring us into essence. Can you maybe share with us an example of how you were able to overcome a situation by coming into the essence? I want to step back and know the difference between when it is something that is of value, a question that is going to bring depth, versus a question that will just create more and more questions?

Mohini Didi: Even more, is it doubt inside? Is the questioning from the doubt or is it just for understanding? Some want clarification, better understanding, and there are some who just want your opinion, as if there are different people thinking in different ways, wanting to get your answer. They are different, but I have just one answer, it doesn't matter whatever way anyone is asking the question. Stay to the point. Give a proper answer, that’s it. Don’t get entangled in more and more. That’s where one starts losing energy. For me, I just say this is what it is, this is what Baba has explained to us, not trying to convince anyone. When we’re trying to convince, we keep talking, when the other person keeps asking, then we keep talking. Brahma Baba always used to say don’t get into arguments with anyone. When it reaches a point where it's an argument, stop it there. I think we have to be very clear that I have to say what Baba has told me, I have nothing more to say, I just have Baba’s shrimat, one opinion. There are a lot of interpretations, a lot of explanations. It’s better to stay to your essence, truth, Baba’s shrimat, Baba’s basic knowledge and then just stop there. I don’t have to prove that I know everything. What I understand, what Baba has told me, that is the truth for me and that’s what is my answer. I don’t need to know the intention of another person. That will dilute my purity or clean heart. When I want to know what the intention of this person is, why this person is, why should I go into that? You should just give your answer, because those vibrations of other souls also affect us.

Question: How to develop that trust in oneself? Baba says that we are children of the Bstower, and he’s the Bestower of Liberation. Why are you not liberated? Perhaps this is mixed with that question of how Brahma Baba made it in just 33 years. Even where I am now, and it’s nice that your vision is very sweet and altruistic towards this soul, but in challenges, how to maintain that trust in yourself? Yes, I'm Baba’s child. Yes, this is my path, this isn’t even my path, this is who I am. I belong to Baba, yet why would I have a doubt in myself? I see that you have faced many challenges, Mohini Didi, and of course the stronger you are, the stronger the tests. I’m hoping you have insights on how we can develop the trust in ourselves that I am the specially chosen child of Baba and that I am victorious.

Mohini Didi: Which you are, right? I think that if you look at whatever was the last situation, you did well, right? Can you think of when you did very well? Most of the time you did very well. Once in a while you don’t. When you do very well, that trust should cultivate. I always say how everything worked well, and at the last moment everything worked. That’s the trust, that means whatever I attain, whatever was my experience, I built on that. My trust is built upon trust, upon trust. Not because one time, I couldn’t do it. You will see, at the last moment of every situation, there is victory. In between whatever challenges were there, in the end we find it’s so beneficial. I learned so much, there was such a significant secret there. As you look at that, your trust will build up. Yes, it was so good, why won't it be good next time? It will definitely be better. I built trust upon trust in the sense of even whatever was the situation. I remember we were in Madhuban and we came to Udaipur and there was a mess in the airport about flights. No proper seat, nothing. I got on the plane and they said if one of the ministers doesn’t come, we will give you his seat. They took me, all the people were so nice. Ultimately I find that things do work out. It’s Baba, it’s drama, but little tests come in between. The final result, anywhere, anytime I see, it’s always good. That’s the trust I am holding onto. With that trust I make another trip or I say, “ok I will do it again”. I think you have to accumulate that trust, don’t let it go. In 37 years how many achievements? How many attainments have you had in your life? What about that trust? Where is the trust built on that? So it might be 1 or 2 percent less, but it will happen.

Om Shanti

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