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Merciful Bestower- Finish the Word Why? #27

Merciful_Bestower_27 Mohini Didi October 27, 2022

Om Shanti!

Happy Sadguruvaar to everyone! Baba said that one of the important qualities you need to have is to be peaceful. Deep in our subconscious mind, in a subtle way, there can be some questions. Also, I think if there is nature or habit of worrying, this could happen, that could happen, we don't know the future, what's going to happen in future, very subtly the thoughts do come. I sometimes look inside, “Do we have any kind of fears?” Externally, maybe no fears, but deep within, something from the past, something from someone's story, something does emerge. That is why even if we are hearing the experiences and stories of others, we always remind ourselves that my karma, my future, my fortune is different. Once you remind yourself, then you could remain deep in silence or a peaceful state of mind, because power is very important these days. When you are peaceful, you can accumulate power. Otherwise, there is leakage, very subtly. I like what Baba said that you will have to make efforts, you don't have to labor but make efforts all the time. So, like if I pass a day and I didn't study or revise or do proper traffic control, by the evening you definitely will feel that you don't have that much enthusiasm.

So, Baba rightly said that everything in this world has to be sustained. If you want a plant to remain blossomed, then you have to water it, put it in light. It is the same as with all of us. You have to keep making some effort. Especially this subtle leakage, very subtle, sometimes even we are not aware, but Baba is saying that some influence comes. It's surprising that, let's say you are in gyan, many are not in gyan in your family, even if they don't say, but it's always a very subtle thing. As soon as you are a little weak, they are victorious in the sense of whether it's your principles of eating food or any kind of principles. You will say it's all right, what does it matter, now you are becoming weak. So, until the end we have to remain very strong, powerful, because in the end, what is my final stage? What is my yoga with Baba, my following shrimat accurately, living by all the principles? Do not give up at any stage because of anyone's influence, but we become weak. So, don't think that I am in knowledge for 30 years, 40 years, 50, so I don't need to make effort. I think we all need effort all the time.

So, it's so interesting when Baba is saying today to stop asking why. No questions. Really just trust, faith in Drama, faith in Baba. Maya will take tests, but remind yourself, we just celebrated today and Baba put the tilak of victory on everyone's forehead. Just keep reminding yourself that I am a victorious soul. That awareness, that thought, has to remain, as Baba said, in emerged form. Baba is saying that everything should be in emerged form, bestower in emerged from. If anyone is lacking any virtue, let me share my virtue, not look at anyone's weakness, but give the donation. Baba said to become the bestower means to give whatever power, whichever virtue is required. I think it's creating my fortune, and one feels very happy helping others also to create their fortune. So, we cannot get tired, we cannot be defeated, we have to remain victorious because we have to glorify Baba also. If we get defeated, how will we glorify Baba's name? Baba said that there are many who would want to get liberation, freedom from their sanskars, freedom from habits, freedom from sorrow, so we all have to constantly be bestowers.

Om Shanti

Questions and Answers

Question: Om Shanti Mohini Didi. Thank you so much for the words of wisdom, but also for that Bhog message. Such a beautiful, deep, clear message it's as if Baba today wants us to keep our chit clean and clear, our mind cool calm, and also our intellect powerful. Brahma Baba passed through so many tests, so what is the yukti so that I can keep that balance of being calm and peaceful, proactive and powerful?

Mohini Didi: Whatever somebody does, the first thing is if you are strong and powerful, nobody can hurt you, and if you feel you are being hurt, it’s because of your own lack of power. It's not necessarily only the behavior of someone, but you are weak somewhere or you’re expecting something and it's happening differently. What I would suggest from now is just be very firm, very powerful inside that nobody can hurt you, nobody can harm you, nobody can take anything away from you. Everything belongs to Baba; I belong to Baba, how can anyone hurt me? Baba said that our power is very incognito. In the beginning, because you come out of the logic world and from University we are strong in many things, the way we say things, but now that same power which is more verbal, that same power is in my quietness and calmness. In the family or in our unlimited family, as many people will see you, they will have a different opinion for you, maybe say different things for you, you should enjoy it and be happy about it. Never say, “Why did this one say that?” Create friendship and not distance or animosity or grudges or complaint. Create friendship with everyone, be okay with whatever anyone thinks about you. You should know yourself so well that the opinion of others or criticism should not bother you. Remain in your self-respect and inner strength and stability, no one can hurt you, and no one should be able to hurt you. Be happy when you see that the change is happening in others also. Yes, we have to be proactive, but also internally very stable, very strong. Baba also said that peace is power also, so it will work. Don't sit back because once it didn't happen or once something happened, it will not continue forever, because you have to be spiritually very strong.

Question: What do you mean by such things won't happen to you, no one would steal your car or break into the house or is it that our yoga power needs to be stronger?

Mohini Didi: Yoga power is stronger, but also take whatever precautions are to be taken. Today, I was thinking that when we are pure, we create an energy which is subtle energy. Sato energy is such energy that nobody can hurt it, nobody can reach it, so whether it is my own mind, the atmosphere I create, it’s like Satoguni, it's like Golden Age, Satopradhan. Baba says you're becoming Satopradhan, so I'm very careful of each thought because if my thought is Rajo, the things that will happen around me will also be mixed, but if my thought is Sato all the time, I mean the Sato stage, then I'm creating a Golden Aged world around me and nothing of Kalyug. Nothing of Kalyugi sanskars can affect anything around me. Rajo means it's influenced by the past, it's a weak thought, maybe it will happen, maybe it will not, subtly it's not totally stable and of full faith. So, definitely I am not saying nothing will happen, but nothing should happen, that's what I'm saying if we are in our Sato energy. Sato energy is very beautiful. It can create such a powerful environment that if there is a problem, it will get solved. If somebody intends to do something, their mind will change. It will happen. It has to happen. We all will experience this as our stage, Sato stage, that's how we will

go into Satopradhan world, that is Golden age.

Question: I love this. The loveful stage, and over the weeks now we've heard every angle about bestowing and I'm finally getting it in my “chit” that to bestow is a power, it also cleans, it also empowers, and it creates service, true service.

Mohini Didi: If you want cooperation, if you want others to take care of Baba’s Yagya because I always think if not me whosoever is there, as much you bestow, they start getting empowered and that is service to the yagya. It's not only I am thinking this one should become, but making others worthy, making others gain more self-trust is Yagya service. All of us are together, but even otherwise, increasing their ability and their trust, so that they can become Baba’s good instruments.

Question: Brahma Baba faced so many challenges, whether it was defamation or whatever obstacles, and so is it that he maintained that Sato energy and because you're calm and clear you can pick up what Shiv Baba can indicate what to do next? Perhaps you can elaborate on what Brahma Baba did.

Mohini Didi: When the picketing was happening, parents came, they wanted to take away the children, but the children didn't want to go. Brahma Baba was on the fifth floor in the same building standing and watching and smiling as if he knew that nothing would happen, what will they do, they cannot do anything. It was true because finally around two o'clock when they saw that the children were not going, they were thirsty, they were hungry, but still they were not ready to go. So it's like we have to believe that it is the truth, it is right, and we have to win. Victory is there, but then we start getting a little scared that maybe it won't work, maybe this could happen. Now it's about weak thoughts. Baba has said that victory is with you. Brahma Baba with Shiv Baba but also from his own that Baba is there and it’s Baba’s task. Even sometimes Baba used to create ripples also. Once we had something in the court, so Baba said to the sisters, “When you go, don't take an oath with the Gita by saying that I see God everywhere. You should just say God is my father and he is observing, and I take the oath in His name, but don't say that He is everywhere.” Baba would say, “Don't get scared, speak the truth, and when we speak that truth, because they never heard that before, they won't have any answer or courage. The same happened to Mama. She went into the court, and she said whatever was the Truth, and because it was so different and elegant and looking at our faith, even the judge couldn't understand what to do, what to say. He said, “Ok, let's postpone the case”, because he was not ready for it. So, I think that somewhere we have to like some of these qualities Brahma Baba has, but brother Brij Mohan, whenever there is something, a situation he says, “These are Baba's words, say this is the truth, speak about it, and someday the result comes.” In a recent conference many said that they never heard this before. Like before, they used to say, “Why don't Brahma Kumaris believe in scriptures, why don't they believe in Gita?” Now they say that what they are saying is divine, what they're saying is true. So, I think that every word Baba has said has to come true, but if I am doubting myself, how can I speak the truth also. So, Brahma Baba had this total victory, whether it was defamation,, whatever way they were trying to harm them, discourage them, but it never happened because Baba was smiling, cheerful. He knew that all this and the games would happen, but the final victories are of Baba’s children.

Om Shanti

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