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Master of the treasures of all happiness #17

Become_a_Carefree_Emperor_17 Mohini Didi          March 17, 2024

Om Shanti Everyone!

When I think of the treasure of happiness, two words immediately come to mind. One is if you are full, if you’re really full, then you won’t have any desires. If you’re really full, you will have contentment. So, by the nature of contentment, you can imagine how full you are with either your treasures of happiness, or it could be the treasure of fortune. So, ask yourself, do I have contentment or do I still have a list of desires? Oh, I have everything, but I want this, I have everything but I wish I had this, that means you still have desires. So, Baba has given us the right, Baba says that you have a right over all the treasures of happiness. So, if I have a right, I have to check if my treasure stores are full, and if they’re full, then there is contentment. So, two things, contentment and cheerfulness also. One who has contentment, their faces are always smiling and cheerful, but if there is still lack of contentment, there are still desires, then there will not be cheerfulness, natural cheerfulness, a natural smile. All that indicates your treasures. So, pay attention to this, and see if you have all treasures, which is your birthright.  The homework is to be a master of the treasures of happiness. That means you are the master, the emperor of the land without sorrow, the master of the treasures of happiness. If you are an emperor, then all the treasures are yours. Baba is saying that the treasure of happiness is the birthright of Brahmins. This birthright includes respect for nature and the form of the elevated souls. So today, by being such emperors of the land without sorrow, the temporary sorrow of many souls is removed. There are some kings, those who have rights, but not all the rights. Baba says that their names are removed and seeing their images, they begin to sing the praise of their activities and souls who are unhappy begin to experience happiness. They show Shri Krishna dancing and all the Gopis. Baba says that you are such emperors of the land without sorrow. I think in our lives also there are certain souls that their joy makes a big impact. So when they think of what kind of character they have, what kind of quality they have, what kind of playful nature they have, they start emerging all beautiful things, and then their own faces and their own images become like that. So that’s what Baba says, that in your memory, you are thinking about the happiness, the beauty of those souls. It is so interesting, even for us at the Confluence Age, when we think of Dadi Gulzar, her face was always full, cheerful, and her face can give us the feeling that she is full. She did not want anything, and that is really to be very thankful to Baba. Baba has given all the treasures, Baba has given all the happiness, and such a nature which is of carefree. So, Baba had been saying for us to be the masters of the land free from sorrow, and that is carefree. Some faces show immediately what is to be carefree, and I know Dadi Gulzar’s face was carefree. We have, even in Brahmin family, many Baba‘s children who have contentment, they are cheerful, they are carefree. We have one and I’ve been thinking of her. Her name also is popular, and for those who have that name, each name has so much specialty, so we say Judy. Here we have sister Judy with us. 

Om Shanti


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