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Like a lotus #24

Updated: Apr 1

Become_a_Carefree_Emperor_24            Mohini_Didi             March 24, 2024

Om Shanti! 

Happy Holi! Holi, Holi is Holy. There are many different meanings. Baba tells us about Holi. One is of course that Holi is purity, Holi means past is past, and when the past is past, then we have to forget it so that relationships can be better, situations can be better. Today in India, we are celebrating colouring Holi. One day before is the burning of Holi, but we know that for us it is the knowledge, the colour of knowledge and the colour of Baba's company. It's a very sweet, very powerful colour. So again Baba is saying, “Children, whatever is the atmosphere, whatever are the situations and circumstances, you must remain detached and lovely.” Now a big question really arises. When it's anyone in the family, a young person or anyone leaves the body suddenly, or something happens. How is it possible not to get affected, not to feel sorrow? That is where we use knowledge, that it’s Drama, it's karma, the soul has to change its part. Many ask me, “Is it really possible?” It's only when we keep the aim and we keep using knowledge, the power of yoga, and change of part. 

So our homework for today is to ‘be like a lotus’. They say a lotus has nine connections underwater, but the lotus flower is always above. Our stage should be like that. Wherever there are Brahmin souls, even in an atmosphere of sorrow, you are like a lotus, detached from sorrow and emperors of the land without sorrow. There are waves of sorrow, of illness of the body, of any waste or upheaval in the mind, of the lack of perishable wealth, of your own weak sanskars. The nature of the weak sanskars and the nature of others, waves of sorrow of the atmosphere and the vibrations, no type of any wave of sorrow can influence you. Can you give yourself this certificate? Sometimes out of fear, sometimes it’s a tragedy, many such situations have been happening and will be happening. Many places are in conflict, war is happening and many come and say that you start losing interest in living. If any family member has died in the war, or a change in relationship, relationships were good but suddenly something happened,  then there is conflict. Grandparents always have a lot of love for grandchildren, but because of any reason when there is separation, there is a lot of sorrow. So Baba gave many examples, but we have to see that we remain very detached like a lotus flower. Baba says that we can be the kings of the land free from sorrow. So we will pay attention and see how much we are able to do, give ourselves the certificate, but also, if we have been able to be victorious then we are able to help others. Okay, so be like a lotus flower.

Om Shanti 


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