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I,The Soul, an embodiment of happiness am bestower of happiness #27

Love_for_Solitude_27 Mohini Didi January 27, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone happy? Yes, the Bestower of Happiness, Baba calls in Hindi ‘Sukhdev’. There are two words, one is ‘kushi’ the other is ‘Sukh’. Generally, in translation both mean happiness, but I am calling it joy. So today, Baba made it very clear, look at your face, then see; am I an emperor, I am in the royal family, I am in the rich subjects, or ordinary? We have been talking recently about if we asked Dadi or Mama. Mama gave us our picture, so I thought it was very good. Baba said to give yourself the picture, or look at your own picture. So how many of you are kings here? Can I see the hands of kings? No one, no one is king, no one? I thought everyone would raise their hand. Yes I am a king, part of the royal family. Yes, we all sit together in Avyakti Parivar so it’s a royal family. So the self-sovereign or the king, they always bestowed happiness, they can not tolerate the sorrow of anyone. In the subjects, whenever there is famine or anything happens, they open their treasure stores of food, money, whatever is needed for the subjects. Of course, it is through our expression, through our thoughts, words, actions, we can give happiness to everyone, but also, when it’s necessary, we share with each other, and that gives a lot of joy.

When we went to Madhuban for the first time, the distribution of toli was from the very beginning, and the class used to be in History Hall. There were 70, 80,100 of us and the first time I went then the tray of toli came. Baba said, “Who is going to distribute toli?” So we thought if He gives us the chance we will. I thought that it’s a good chance to get a blessing from Baba, and I won’t cry or get emotional. Sometimes you get a blessing. Like Nirmalshata Dadi said that she used to cry so much, for every little thing. So one day Baba put his hand on her head and said, “Daughter you should not cry.” She said that it was as if He turned off a tap. She said that after that she never cried. I can not say ‘never’, but definitely I don’t necessarily just cry now. I always feel that you have to be cheerful, joyful in front of God. Who is our Father? Who is my teacher, my parents so I should be very happy. One time someone was crying and Baba said, "Are you a widow? I am still here.” Shiv Baba wants to see each one of us very cheerful, joyful, happy. This is a very beautiful kind of joy that is not through sense organs but Baba calls it supersensuous joy. It’s a very deep variance within the self, very blissful, and then you are also very joyful in the sense of being humorous. Like taking things in a lighter spirit.

So today, Baba wants to see that we look at our face and definitely we are all from the royal family. We keep our aim to claim the status of a king, an emperor. When there is the aim, you are self sovereigns, and that means total control. Baba is saying that for control, surrender it to Baba, offer it to Baba, this is what your mind wants, this is your mind. I always say that an ‘idle’ mind is the devil’s workshop, but an ‘ideal’ mind has an aim, is God’s mind, is God’s workshop. Entertain yourself with what God is doing in your mind, through your mind, and when you are loving and caring, compassionate, which is very important, you will know the needs of everyone. Whatever you will do will make that person happy. Some people even ask, “How did you know that I needed this?” I said, “I don’t know, but there is such a deep love, good connection, closeness in relationships, but free from attachment. Enjoying each other's good nature, specialties in such a big family worldwide, don’t be scared.” Many don’t come close they think they might get attached, but when there is purity, there is no attachment. That means it’s not body conscious attachment. In Godly, spiritual attachment we are all Baba’s children. I remember in the beginning, we used to go to Madhuban and we had transit in Frankfurt and other places. Whenever we saw a few Baba’s children, there was so much joy. We said, “Oh you are here!” We would sit together, eat together, food from Germany, food from the USA in the plane. also When we landed, we were in the taxi together and we had so much happiness. So it’s a family, a royal family. I feel at the Confluence Age, my joy is with my family with everyone, because everyone is so beautiful. Everyone has so many specialties, and the more you come close, the more we are able to see how special everyone is.

When we surrender our mind, then our mind is with Baba, it’s Manmannabhav. There is no attachment, so there is no sorrow. In attachment, there are a lot of expectations, and when they are not fulfilled, then there is a lot of sorrow. There should be cooperation. I like very much when Baba recently spoke about love, cooperation, and sympathy. If you cannot help, at least appreciate that someone has done something for you, appreciate and say ‘thank you’. If you can give a hand, that definitely brings joy and happiness. Cooperation brings happiness but also sympathy. Some souls only care for themselves. I am okay, I am doing everything well, I did everything for myself, but not sharing the feelings. At the Confluence Age, we have to bestow. The more you give, the more it comes to you, especially joy happiness. Baba always says that the Confluence Age is the age of joy, ‘mojo ka yug hai’ not ‘munjneka” not to get confused. Some are not able to short out their thoughts, so they get confused, then inside there lack of contentment, there will be anger. We shouldn’t allow all that to happen to ourselves. Just remain very joyful, this is Baba’s mind, I can’t think whatever I want, this is the mind that is in “Manmannabhav” and free from all the attachment.

Om Shanti

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