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Give happiness and receive happiness #27

Become_a_Carefree_Emperor_27            Mohini_Didi           March 27, 2024

Om Shanti! 

One of the main principles which governs the whole universe is ‘giving and taking’. Everything in the world, even the land, if it doesn't take water, doesn't take sunlight, it can't produce, and then whatever is produced is then consumed. So, everything in the world has something like giving and taking, but it's so beautiful and a unique concept of giving happiness and taking happiness. I can understand there are a lot of material things of giving and taking. Baba is training us because happiness is very important. So Baba is saying to practice giving happiness and receiving happiness through the vibrations of every thought, and with a spiritual glance of one second. Souls who always remain cheerful can, with one second’s contact, with one word spoken through their mouth, make a soul who has been unhappy experience happiness. It is interesting, the beauty of such souls is in giving happiness and receiving happiness. They themselves remain carefree emperors and also make others the same as themselves. Baba is saying that you can do it through vibrations, you can do it in a second, in a glance, because sharing drishti tells everything, what are you sharing? Yes, it is a glance, but what did you give? Even anger can be shared through eyes, even if you don't say anything, if you are happy or not, it can be very clearly not visible, but experienced. Vibrations of happiness remain cheerful. So, I think it's very beautiful. We should practise because what is most needed in the world is happiness, is joy. So give happiness and take happiness.

Om Shanti


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