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Companion of God - Create A Powerful Atmosphere #14

Companion_of_God_14 Mohini_Didi March 29, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

All are looking very well. Yes, is it Baba keeping us well, or are we paying attention to keep well? I think it works both ways. If I have the aim to keep well, Baba will help. If I always have some kind of lack of contentment and unhappiness, very suddenly a lack of something, then even if Baba is helping, the soul is not able to receive. So, prepare yourself when you seek help, not only seek and ask, when you prepare yourself, you will definitely receive. So, you must have enjoyed sharing sakash. You know, as soon as a thought comes in your mind, it’s a pure thought about someone, the next moment or at some time that soul will receive it and feel it as help or happiness. The soul just feels it strongly, as if I am getting saksah. So, for two or three days, I have been thinking about this topic, and it is becoming more clear. I like it very much, and I find that I am able to practice it more because it is so interesting. I don’t have to make any effort to sit and say, “Oh, I have to give sakash”. You can give sakash the whole day, any time, by having the thought of love, of courage, of might, any thought, it is going to reach the soul, and that soul will experience.

Another thing that happens through vibrations is creating an ‘atmosphere’. If someone enters the room and is coming with some tension or subtle anger, we start feeling that energy of tension because the thought vibrations, and the vibrations create the atmosphere. If you are very peaceful, if you are very loveful, when you enter, the room will become full of peace and love. So, it is so lovely to see how things work together, especially when we are creating an atmosphere. Like Dadi Janki, after a lecture, or before giving a talk, would just go to the front of the stage and keep giving drishti in silence. Others would feel in a very magnetic way, that power of silence. So, one is to say, “Okay, let us be in silence”, another is leading them in the silence and you create an atmosphere so that everyone starts feeling that silence. I think this is very important. So, after the practice of giving sakash, now we practice creating the atmosphere. Sometimes when everyone becomes heavy, one is to use the words to make everyone light. However, if you are also internally light, then as soon as you come into the room, the room becomes light, peaceful, and very powerful. So, our aim is to look at everyone in such a way of light and might, that we are able to create the atmosphere.

So, everyone, whether it's a plant or a child or a human being, everyone is really sustained by the atmosphere. Like plants, if they don’t get the atmosphere of their kind, they will die. So, same with the atmosphere that is very important for all of us to grow. If there is an atmosphere of sadness, you will always feel that you are pulled towards that stage. So, it is important now to pay attention that you have to spread vibrations, not only for light and might for the souls but also for the atmosphere. When there is a good atmosphere, very elevated thoughts will come in the mind, like, “I want to be cooperative, I want to be loveful, I want to do this for Baba”. Sometimes Baba says that when children come here they have a lot of intoxication, but as soon as they go out, then they lose their enthusiasm. So, then they say, “Oh, I have to do this”, so lots of good thoughts come, “Now I will be determined to do this”, or thinking about the words, about the actions. So, when they belong to Baba, and experience what the sakash is like, then they will automatically be able to create that atmosphere. Baba always talks about sacred space, Baba’s homes. Anyone who enters, they just look around and some kinds of feelings emerge in them, and they know where those feelings are coming from. They say, “Oh, it is so peaceful here; everything is so peaceful. All the souls are so peaceful here”. These kinds of expressions come, or we are very light hearted, which we should be, right? There is a lot of lightness, everyone starts feeling it. One thing I found out once we bought a big house. It was very clean and very peaceful vibrations were there, but I said that we have to create the presence of Baba, like some centers, who have pictures of Shiv Baba in their auditorium. So, as soon as they enter, they feel the presence of God, the presence of Baba.

So, all this is the part of service that I have to create, I have to give sakash, I have to create an atmosphere. Whatever anyone wants to feel, they want to get powers, they want to be connected with Baba, they will experience all that. So, then, when there is atmosphere, then good feelings are there. So, I think that it is very important to begin everything with the thought, then it comes to words, and then actions. So, let's experiment. What kind of atmosphere do we want? Love, peace, presence of Baba, maybe you all will like the presence of Baba. So, let's all collectively together at the same time invoke Baba and see what the experience is.

Om Shanti

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