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Be light with everyone #15

Harmonizing_Sanskars_15 Mohini_Didi           April 15, 2024

Om Shanti!

It is such a practice that Baba is explaining to us, and it seems very important. I know that we always say to be double light and remain light, but I don't think we have really done it. Baba is giving us the method to do it, and we should think about it, we should churn on that. Baba is saying to be light with everyone. With some souls, we are very light and we laugh, talk, and share everything, but with some souls, we are not very light. Baba is saying to be light with everyone. A Brahmin means to be someone whose nature and sanskars are liked by everyone. That means that if you're cheerful, light, and happy, everyone likes you. The majority are definitely liked by everyone up to 95%. To be liked by everyone means to be light with everyone. Let that lightness be experienced through your words, actions, and attitude. So what does it begin from? Attitude, actions and words. This one is like this, or everyone's sanskars produce a kind of energy which goes into the atmosphere. So, sometimes we feel the atmosphere is very light, but sometimes it is difficult. Let your actions and attitude transform them. Baba says for this we need to imbibe the power to tolerate. Although a soul may be influenced by the sanskars of someone else, give cooperation to that soul. No one's limited sanskars should influence you. It is so subtle. You know how someone’s sanskars  can influence us, even the words. That means we have to be a detached observer and we have to be detached while listening. We have to be detached in the presence of others. One is to protect yourself, not to become heavy, but also not allow your own energy to become heavy. So, Baba said, “You be light and don't be influenced by any energy.” If someone is holding something and because of that there is heaviness, you could feel that heaviness. That doesn't mean you become heavy. 

So, I'm really thinking that it’s so important for us, whether it is a person, whether it is the atmosphere, whether it is attitude, there are so many different things, and in those things we become very heavy. On the other side, Baba  wants us to be very light, and I think that we have to use many points of knowledge to remain light. It's all Drama, there is some benefit in that, and accepting that everyone has a different sanskar, and everyone's energy is different. There are some people who are always happy, there are some who are always serious. Some are double light and some become heavy, but who is liked by everyone? Those who are light. So I like it very much and I think I will really work on it. See that we are not influenced by any one, rather, keep our own energy very light.

Om Shanti

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