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Sep 24, 2021
In Sharing Experiences
Om shanti divine (Spiritual Mother) Mohini Didi, Lots of gratitude from the depth of my heart. The delay in dropping you these few lines is the suitable word does not exist to express my deep feelings for your sustenance up to now. Personally your daily evening teachings have transformed me lots and I never miss the online program. Wah DRAMA! I had thought my final retirement will be to bring more progress in spirituality.BABA has given me this precious gift.All your programs meant lots for me.Especially this last chapter PILGRIMAGE OF SILENCE is helping me to create new plans in difficult situations. On the spot I apply all your methods and make me pass with honours as per BABA'S wish. So many thanks to the whole Avyakti team for their creative talents to come up with different amazing programs. Mohini didi you are so precious with your talented treasures that you are sharing with all of us.Personally I am inheriting so much since I have met you in Avyakti Parivar.Unlimited thanks to sister Bhumi and everyone.


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